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General / Re: Script slider not working
« on: 2019 February 18 12:48:56 »
Hi Gerrit,

This sounds like a mix of PixInsight versions, or at least a mix of files from different versions of the PJSR platform. Can you share your code so I can analyze the problem?

Hi Sean,

Actually, we have seen a very small improvement in transfer rates after updating some of our Mac machines to 10.14 Mojave. Nothing essential, and definitely nothing that can justify such a difference, has changed in version 1.8.6 of PixInsight related to swap file generation, access or management. Something else should have changed in your machine to justify this.

General / Re: SCRIPTS
« on: 2019 February 18 12:42:09 »
Can you be more specific? Which scripts are missing after installation?

General / Re: Continued dark frame troubles
« on: 2019 February 18 12:39:16 »
As always happens in these cases, we need a sample of files or a data set where the problem can be reproduced, along with a description of the steps necessary to reproduce it. If you can upload some data using Dropbox or a similar service, we'll be glad to inspect it to analyze the problem, time permitting.

As Chris has pointed out, this forum is the correct resource to get help on practical image processing issues like these. Please note that our email support service cannot provide this kind of assistance. Our email support is not a teaching or learning resource. Its purpose is exclusively to help solve software installation and configuration problems, to help with license management issues, and to provide general information on PixInsight and related projects.

Bug Reports / Re: Continued crashes with PixInsight
« on: 2019 February 18 12:23:29 »
Hi Mark,

This cannot be reproduced under normal working conditions. This is a machine specific issue.

These problems may be caused by a variety of causes, including faulty graphics drivers, a defective OpenGL implementation, and missing/wrong/damaged system components. In these cases I recommend a fresh Windows 10 installation (preferably a copy downloaded from Microsoft servers, not a vendor provided version), without any vendor provided utilities (bloatware), with the latest version of the appropriate graphics drivers, and with a minimal configuration to keep the system as clean as possible.

Bug Reports / Re: Disappearing Process Screens
« on: 2019 February 18 12:18:26 »
These problems cannot be reproduced on any supported platform under normal working conditions. This is a machine-specific issue.

Most likely this is being caused by a faulty graphics driver, probably a defective OpenGL implementation. Unfortunately, many graphics drivers are no longer being updated on Windows 7, given that this version of Windows is approaching its end of support lifecycle date on January 2020. The new version 1.8.6 of PixInsight is more demanding of a valid working environment than previous versions, including the need for a working, valid OpenGL implementation.

You can try disabling OpenGL by running PixInsight from a command line as follows:

C:\Program Files\PixInsight\bin\PixInsight.exe --opengl=raster

Let me know if this solves these problems.

Bug Reports / Re: Incompatible image geometry - FITS cropped?
« on: 2019 February 18 12:01:42 »
There is another issue, it seems PixInsight cannot open bayered images generated by INDI. I tried to debayer a FITS image and it reports "Missing or invalid CFA pattern description property".

However, if you inspect the FITS header, there is already BAYERPAT property. So what's the problem?

Here is the FITS bayered image:

You can debayer any raw CFA frame without problems. Just select the correct Bayer pattern manually on the Debayer tool (or, equivalently, on the BatchPreprocessing script).

BAYERPAT is not a standard FITS header keyword, so there is no need to support it in a standards compliant FITS decoder. Our current Debayer tool does not support a BAYERPAT keyword.

Having said that, we already support a number of nonstandard FITS keywords for convenience. I'll add support for this one and a few more in the next version of the Debayer tool.

The XISF format, by the way, has standard formal resources to serialize CFA patterns, among many other essential image metadata items. Unlike FITS, XISF is a strictly defined and really extensible format where interoperability problems like this one cannot happen.


Bug Reports / Re: Internal Error- Mainview
« on: 2019 February 18 11:44:23 »
Thank you for reporting this. As the error message says, this is an internal error detected by auto-diagnostic routines. Actually, when the message is shown the problem has been neutralized an cannot propagate, so everything is running normally. For safety, however, one should always save everything and close the application when this happens.

This should never happen, of course, but life is not perfect :) Unless you see this error message again or detect a repeatable pattern, just don't care about it. Things that happen.

Bug Reports / Re: Pixinsight 'hangs' on Splash Screen
« on: 2019 February 18 11:39:48 »
This cannot be reproduced on any supported platform under normal working conditions. This is a machine-specific issue.

Check your computer for faulty/poor virus protection software, malwares, or utility applications running as background processes. Also make sure you are always running the latest version of PixInsight (currently with all available updates installed.

Bug Reports / Re: Batch PreProcessing Crash?
« on: 2019 February 18 11:36:03 »
Hi Graham,

None of these problems can be reproduced on any supported platform under normal working conditions. These are machine-specific issues.

This is most likely being caused by a combination of faulty graphics drivers and missing/wrong/damaged system components. Updating your graphics drivers (Intel) to the latest version available may help to solve these issues. Another possibility is a fresh operating system reinstall without any vendor-provided utilities (bloatware) and with a minimal configuration to keep the system as clean as possible.

This problem cannot be reproduced. Can you please upload a data set (Dropbox or similar) where this can be reproduced?

Bug Reports / Re: Closing one window unshades another
« on: 2019 February 18 11:29:46 »
Yes, this bug is already completely fixed in the next version of PixInsight, which I plan on releasing in a few days.

Bug Reports / Re: Crashing since Mojave update
« on: 2019 February 16 13:27:31 »
Hi Mike,

Yes, of course. These reports can always be helpful to understand why these problems happen. So please post them and thank you for reporting issues.

The report you've posted indicates that there has been a crash in the HistogramTransformation tool, probably when you were moving one of the shadows or highlights clipping sliders with the mouse cursor. This problem has never been reported before and cannot be reproduced. It is very strange also because the HT tool is very stable and mature (it has been around for more than 14 years) so the probability of a bug like that is very low. So this is probably a machine-specific issue in the category of "things that happen".

But, of course, a bug should never be ruled out. Can you provide more information? For example, do you remember what you were doing exactly when the crash happened? Was the HT tool working with the real-time preview? Something special about the image you were working with? Can you reproduce the same problem?

Wish List / Re: Noise reduction like this would be nice!!!
« on: 2019 February 16 13:02:41 »
These algorithms, and the development shown on this paper in particular, are extremely interesting.  Despite the fact that these algorithms are very intensive and require GPU-based implementations to be feasible, an implementation on PixInsight would be certainly possible. Our C++ development platform is mature and more than sufficient to host a project like this. GPU support can be implemented for specific tasks by linking a PixInsight module with the required external libraries. The advantage of a PixInsight implementation is the availability of a rich, stable and powerful multiplatform infrastructure. PixInsight modules can be released as open source or closed source, free or commercial products. Our development frameworks are released as open source under a liberal BSD-like license that allows practically everything.

However, unfortunately, don't expect this to happen. The probability of a group of academic people being interested in PixInsight is basically zero. I am unable to implement something like this, mainly because it is probably beyond my technical capabilities, and even if I were able to manage the difficulties of such a complex project, this is something that I cannot afford. There are much more important things that must be done, including urgent tasks required to keep PixInsight alive and able to compete, and I am completely alone to do everything. So this is just impossible from any practical point of view.

Hi John,

The DynamicCrop process has a noGUIMessages parameter that you can set to true in order to suppress these notifications. However, this parameter is not available on the DynamicCrop tool interface.

To change the noGUIMessages parameter, you have to edit the instance you want to use as source code. This is very easy to do as follows:

- Open the DynamicCrop instance you want to use with the DynamicCrop tool. For example, if you have saved it as an icon, just double click the icon, or drag it to the tool's control bar (the bar with icons at the bottom).

- On DynamicCrop, click the Edit Instance Source Code button (see the attached screenshot).

- This will open a code editor floating window, where you'll see your instance's parameters. Set P.noGUIMessages = true;

- Click the Commit button (green check mark).

Now you can run the ImageContainer on the modified instance directly on the DynamicCrop tool, or save it as a new process icon, if you prefer. Let me know if this helps.

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