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Bug Reports / Re: blank white screen on latest version
« on: 2019 November 28 15:01:33 »
Im having the same problem in my desktop computer running Wdws 10pro. Checked twice that I correctly download the latest graphic drivers.....

Any ideas out there?

Gallery / Keyhole Nebula from Chile
« on: 2019 April 16 18:04:10 »
Dear group, after a long time without posting here, I would like to share with you my last image obtained from my remote observatory. This time is for the classic Keyhole nebula, aka NGC 3372 in Carina constallation.

Even though there are tons of images of this beautiful object, I wanted to incorporate data from all the filters that I have. So the "natural" color is a blend of Ha, OII, SII and LRGB. Please find it at the "NEW" corner on my site :

Details on acquisition data and equipment :

Further more, I wanted to blend in the classical "Hubble palette". Not my speciality, but here we go:

Best regards,

Gallery / Re: IC-1396 Close up and far removed
« on: 2019 February 10 06:21:02 »
Hello Rod, both renditions are excellent. Love the sharpness, color and saturation that you got!

Gallery / Re: Gum15 aka RCW32
« on: 2019 February 10 06:18:10 »
Hello Geoff, very nice rendition of this object. Love it!


Gallery / Re: Moon 25th May
« on: 2018 August 19 18:46:05 »
And is a good one, Speach  :D

Best regards

Gallery / War & Peace in Scorpius
« on: 2018 August 19 18:41:44 »
Dear Group , I would like to share with you one of the last images from El Sauce Observatory

Description and capture data:
H-alpha version :
HaOIIILRGB Full Res Version :

Best regards,

Gallery / Re: Cygnus Bubble & Crescent Nebula
« on: 2018 August 05 16:06:01 »
This is a beutifull result.


Gallery / Re: Puppis, Vela and Chamaeleon
« on: 2018 May 14 05:47:27 »
Many thanks Rick!

Gallery / Puppis, Vela and Chamaeleon
« on: 2018 May 13 19:58:06 »
I've been a bit lazy the last few months and I have not posted any new images. Let me share with you some new objects from january to march obtained from my remote observatory in Chile.

Please review :

FEST 1-109
Cederblad 111 and
NGC 2660  in  the NEW section at


    Sandqvist 114 : Firts amateur image for this obscure nebula in Vela
    CG 30 & 31 : two cometary globules in Puppis
    BBW56 : a "mountain" of Ha also in Puppis
    Puppis A

At the end, a lovely globular cluster in Vela

Be sure to check the full res versions available.

Hope you like it.

Gallery / Re: Leo Triplet - yes, another one :)
« on: 2018 April 26 09:25:46 »
RickS, beautifully imaged! Congrats!

Gallery / New images from Vela constellation
« on: 2018 February 11 17:43:20 »
Hello to all, from this link you can review my  homework of january from my remote instalation in Chile.

This time, the objects were:

    NGC 2736 : Pencil nebula or HerschelĀ“s Ray
    GUM 46 : stellar nursery, relatively unknown
    Sandqvist 111 : dense dark nebula

I personally have not been very prone to narrow band filters, a little for laziness and a bit for not mastering the techniques for this particular type of filters. Now I think that those makes a huge difference. I suppose that this was already obvious to many of you, but I still had not experienced it at first hand  ^-^

Hope you like it.

All the best,

Gallery / Re: Supernova remnant CTA 1
« on: 2018 January 14 17:12:17 »
Excellent result Rick on a very interesting object!


Gallery / Re: my first post
« on: 2018 January 14 17:11:05 »
Hello Marc, you have to be proud on your excellent result!

Nicely done.


Gallery / Re: Images from december 2017
« on: 2017 December 28 17:14:35 »
Many thanks Rick  O0

Gallery / Re: Images from december 2017
« on: 2017 December 27 05:43:27 »
Thanks Antoine!

We are in summertime here and the weather has been great, so far....

Best regards and happy holidays  ;)

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