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General / Re: ChannelCombination: Invalid source color space
« on: 2020 January 10 14:12:40 »
Thanks!  That was it, though I do not know how it happened.

I created my HaR30 exactly like it created HaR60, & HaR90.  I even used a new instance of the PixMath (w/ changing ratios and output name).

I change it to Grey by using the CIE Lum button.  Is that the best way?

General / ChannelCombination: Invalid source color space
« on: 2020 January 10 10:13:13 »
I am trying to make a different HaRGB mix and get the error:
 ChannelCombination: Invalid source color space

I have used the same data on prior CC mixes, using 90%/10% HaR, and 60%/40% HaR.  This time I was trying a 30%/70% HaR mix.  I used PixelMath prior to mix the Ha and R, as I did previously to get the HaR blend which was mapped to R in CC.

All of the underlying sources, Ha, R, G, B were cropped to the same dimensions.

What is causing the error?

General / WBPP: How to Combine with Different Flats?
« on: 2019 November 26 13:14:59 »
With WBPP, how do I combine with groups from different nights (big difference, in interim optical train was broken down and replaced) that have different flats?

I try to keep my optical train together to use the same master flats for several weeks, but recently I went from my Esprit 100 on M33 to a camera lens for broad target, M31.  When processing, I decided that my M33 Ha needed more data, as the HaRGB background was blotchy.  So I reassembled the Esprit 100 train for several extra hours of Ha.  The camera orientation is slightly different, so my new night's flat orientation is not the same as my old.

Can WBPP be run in a way to apply different flats for the 2 subsets, and subsequently combine the two?

Also, I am using a ASI183mm-Pro and my flats are of short duration (max of 1.3s for Ha), so I do NOT use Flat Darks, using Bias only.  I did NOT check "Calibrate with flat darks only" and I get a warning about it using my 240s Darks. 
Am I correct?  How do I get WBPP to use Bias instead of Flat Darks?

I am a newbie and have only been using PI for 3 months.

General / PI 1.8.8 Not Using 2nd CPU
« on: 2019 November 20 12:51:55 »
I have recently bought a refurb HP Z840 workstation specifically to give me better PI performance.  This came with a single Xeon E5-2680v3, 12-core CPU.  I bought a 2nd E5-2680v3 for the 2nd socket and added a lot of RAM and two 1TB HP EX920 M.2 NVMe SSDs for my data and PI files.  I am still using a SATA SSD for my boot.

Before I installed the 2nd CPU, PI CPU Benchmark was 10,398 with 1.8.7 improving to 11,141 with 1.8.8.  Good, 1.8.8 has marginally improved multi-threading performance!  This was with 1 CPU, 32GB RAM, and default swap to SATA SSD.

I then installed 4x16GB to the 4x8GB for CPU0, for 96GB of DDR4 ECC SDIMM and the CPU Benchmark improved to 11,651.

After my CPU heatsink arrived, I installed the 2nd matching Xeon E5-2680v3 and installed 4x16GB for CPU1, giving 64GB for CPU1 and 96GB for CPU0.  With this the CPU Benchmark improved to 15,405.  I was disappointed as I was hoping the performance would come close to 2x improvement instead of the 32% improvement.

PI 1.8.8 then had some updates.

I then tried adding 4x8GB (from my Z440) for CPU1 so both CPUs would have 96GB each.  This RAM was however different from CPU0's original 4x8GB, as my Z440 was a Xeon 1650v4, which had 2400mhz, 1Rx8 DDR4 ECC SDIMMs, while the Z840 CPU0 4x8GB were 2133mhz, 1Rx4 DDR4 ECC SDIMMs.  This install of mixed Rank RAM was OK as far as the Z840 and OS was concern.  With these changes, the CPU Benchmark dropped to 10,702, worse than my 1st results with 1 CPU and 32GB of RAM.

So I took out the 2400mhz, 1Rx8 DDR4 ECC SDIMMs, returning me to 160GB total, and I exactly matched the RAM between the CPUs, 80+80GB.  According to HP's documentation,  80+80GB should have better performance than 96+64GB.  To my surprise, the CPU Benchmark remained in the single CPU range, at 10,453. 

I briefly went back to the unbalanced 96+64GB, and the CPU Benchmark stayed in the single CPU range at 10,442.  There must have been something in the update of a few days ago that trashed the CPU performance.

I then added the two 1TB HP EX920 M.2 NVMe SSDs for my data and PI files (include swap), and changed the RAM back to the 80+80GB balance.  With this my overall Benchmark improved significantly, only because of the Swap Benchmark going from 2,229 to 5,364.  The CPU Benchmark was still in the single CPU range, at 11,734.

When I looked at the Benchmark printout, I noticed that it was only using 24 threads, NOT 48 threads, but it was seeing all 160GB of RAM.  So after the updates, PI is either only using a single CPU with multi-threading or using both CPUs in single threading.  Windows Task Manager is showing 24-cores and 48-threads.

What is going on?

How much performance increase is to be expected by adding a 2nd matched CPU?

General / Re: Cannot Find PSFImage
« on: 2019 October 30 07:52:24 »
Since removing the HVB Repository and adding it back did not work.  I uninstalled PI and reinstalled PI.

Upon relaunching PI, it notified of 5 Updates (including HVB), which I OK'ed.  After again closing/opening PI, PSFImage is finally back.

I would still like to know, why did it go away?

General / Re: Cannot Find PSFImage
« on: 2019 October 30 07:33:16 »
I went to a different PC, a HP Z840 that will be my main PC after I get the 2nd CPU installed (to give me 24 Xeon cores for PI), and added the HVB Repository, closed PI, reopened PI, and the PSFImage was there.  This is like it was on my current Z440 last week.

So on my Z440, I 
1) removed the HVB Repository,
2) Checked for Updates, 
3) closed PI, reopened PI,
4) added the HVB Repository, Checked for Updates, 
5) closed PI, reopened PI

Still, PSFImage was NOT there.

Do I need to uninstalled and then reinstall PI?

General / Re: Cannot Find PSFImage
« on: 2019 October 30 07:00:59 »
did you apply any PI updates? there are 2 things to try:

open up Scripts > Feature Scripts... and click regenerate. also make sure if you see PSFImage in the list that it has a check mark next to it.

if that doesn't work, download it from again and install it again. it's an add-on script and does not ship with pixinsight, so if you upgrade you need to reinstall it.


I went to Scripts > Feature Scripts to Regenerate and PSFImage was NOT on the list.

I originally got PSFImage from adding the Repository, not from installing individually.

It was there and working last week, but gone now.

General / Re: Cannot Find PSFImage
« on: 2019 October 29 14:12:22 »
I also tried Updating the Repositories

General / Re: Cannot Find PSFImage
« on: 2019 October 29 14:11:12 »
As I said in the original post, it is no longer in Script/Render

General / Cannot Find PSFImage
« on: 2019 October 29 14:00:47 »
I Cannot Find PSFImage.  I am running 1.8.7, and am a new issuer, having bought PI a few weeks ago.

Last week, I used PSFImage several times, and it was under Scripts,Render (at least I think it was).

Today, I cannot find PSFImage; not under Scripts,Render or Scripts,Utilities.

Where is it?

General / Re: Unable to Download Repository
« on: 2019 October 15 05:46:42 »
The ".com" was in the paragraphs in the body of the webpage; it is ".at" in the example windows below, as shown by other's screenshots above.

Another confusion was where I cut/paste from, there was "/to" at the end address.  I assumed that the "to" was an error and it was just missing a space in the sentence.  I saw the sample example window did not have the appended "to", so I did not include it.  I did NOT inspect the entire address in the example window to notice it was ".at" instead of the ".com" in prior paragraph text.

I always cut/paste these address to avoid possible errors, and the sentence in the paragraph (with the ".com") allowed me to cut/paste.

General / Re: Unable to Download Repository
« on: 2019 October 13 06:15:25 »
I changed the .com to .at, as well as going back to https: and it loaded

Note, that the website shows .com, as that was what I cut/pasted from.  However, the example windows showed .at


General / Re: Unable to Download Repository
« on: 2019 October 12 08:17:54 »
I changed to http: (e.g. removed the s), but it still did not load, though the error code changed:
Network error: Response code = 301

General / Unable to Download Repository
« on: 2019 October 12 07:50:57 »
I am a very new user of PI, and I have not been able to install outside scripts, but I get an error:

Unable to download repository information.
Network error: Response code = 404

I get this error upon PI startup and if I try Check for Updates.

What am I doing wrong?


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