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General / Re: Stacking two stacks using Star Alignment
« on: 2019 November 01 10:02:20 »
ahhh.... got it.  Thanks much again for the explanation and suggestions.


General / Re: Stacking two stacks using Star Alignment
« on: 2019 November 01 04:22:40 »
Thanks, John.  That helps and basically what I have been doing but still do not understand why at the top of the aligned frames that it does not indicate that all or most have been aligned.  Instead, it may say 12 of 80 frames aligned.  So, does hat mean the others have been dropped due to non-alignment?  If yes, why is that?  The stacks were taken the same night and each stack looks very good when processed alone and when I stack the stacks using SA, you can tell they aligned with some black along the edges due to movement.

General / Stacking two stacks using Star Alignment
« on: 2019 October 24 11:14:36 »

I have 2 sets of stacked frames that I am trying to align to obtain one stack to work with.  I used one as the reference (15 stacked frames) but added both it and the other stack (20 frames) to Target Image list.  I tried doing this both in View and File option and got the same result.  That is, one final image that appeared to be aligned with a corner black area that you would expect if the camera, for example, was tuned from one night to the next.  However, the final image says 15 registered frames.  Should it not say 35 registered frames since I am stacking two stacks of 15 + 20?

Once that is resolved, then I assume I need to use image integration- correct? Or is that for only when I have more than 2 frames or stacks?


Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.7 Released
« on: 2019 October 02 02:23:56 »
Hi Juan

I tried to download this but when I click on the link, it sends me back to the log in page even though I am already logged in.  When I re-enter my log in info, I get an ACCESS DENIED message.  How do I download the update?


General / Re: Output folder in StarAlignment not saving
« on: 2019 September 12 05:05:47 »
Got it!

Thanks Wouter and Rob

Being a little dense - not enough coffee this morning, I guess.

General / Re: Output folder in StarAlignment not saving
« on: 2019 September 12 02:31:10 »
Hi Rob

Align multiple stacks.

I added both stacks and selected view, not file.  After I press apply globally it works for a few seconds and says it is done but nothing appears in the desktop folder.  So, I am not sure what you mean by, "load the files from disk and then re-run and it will then write the registered files out to disk."

General / Output folder in StarAlignment not saving
« on: 2019 September 11 18:11:51 »
I used StarAlignment to stack multiple stacks, which it did, but when I try to create an output folder it would not save the new stack.  The folder I created to save it in remained empty after I clicked Global Apply.  What am I doing wrong?


For some reason, when I had uploaded PRISM, it replaced and unexplainably removed any other app options to open fits other than PRISM.  So, I downloaded FITS LIBERATOR and then it automatically replaced PRISM to open all .fits files.  I confirmed it by checking the associated file types, saw it replaced PRISM for my current fits files and then I was able to open it with no errors in PI.  Being primarily a Mac user this is all bizarre for me and reaffirms my believe in the Mac OSX and not Windows.  Unfortunately, most astro software is in Windows but I may switch to the SkyX and go Mac all the way. 

Problem solved. 

Dave- appreciate you trying to help.

Thanks, Dave.  The problem I have is to leave them unassociated with any app- like it was before I downloaded PRISM.  I cannot figure out how to associate them with PI or even if that is possible.  It appears the FITS should be unassociated with any program and them pull them into PI.

I am capturing stacked frames in SharpCap which I can export in fits format to post-process in PI.  Unfortunately, the files are defaulting to open in PRISM as I had downloaded that program months ago but never used.  I have no idea how to stop them from opening in PRISM and open them in PI instead.  I am also not a Windows user (a Mac user mostly) so really lost as to how to fix this.  Any help would be appreciated.


General / Stacking the stacks from SharpCap
« on: 2019 August 02 07:58:51 »
I've been exporting SC individual stacks (32 bit raw stack FITS file) into PI to do post-processing.  I now want to stack multiple stacks from SC in PI using the same OSC camera with the same settings before post-processing.  Since I've never stacked in PI, is there a specific workflow for this or simply multiple options that I need to do some trial and error to find the best approach?



I've started started teaching myself PI, thus the topic ask.  Any plans for a US Southeast region beginner workshop, perhaps around where The Mouse lives?


General / Re: Using stacked frames from SharpCap
« on: 2019 July 23 05:30:13 »
Thanks all.  The combination of aligning and stacking in SC and then post-process in PI gives a unique combination of doing live viewing, saving those final stretched views and then saving the unstretched live views in a format to use PI to get more AP quality images. 

General / Re: Using stacked frames from SharpCap
« on: 2019 July 20 14:18:42 »
Thanks for the suggestion, Chris.  I will try it out.


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