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General / Re: PSF Lock Error
« on: 2019 February 11 15:55:48 »
lol, I thought it happened because it wasn't saved yet as that was my solution as I create my psf and then I save it and reload it and that never happens. Occam's razor says just don't have it as the top image that's hilarious.  thanks for the input on the OP's issues. :P

General / Re: blinking cr2 files
« on: 2019 February 09 19:57:04 »
That's great, thank you. I suppose I need to go back and on check it when I'm done or does this just add the functionality?

General / blinking cr2 files
« on: 2019 February 09 15:13:53 »
I've been using pixinsight for a little while now with my ASI 1600. I decided to reprocess some of my older images during this awful weather and I cannot get started with blink on my CR2 files, so have to use a different program to process them. Am I missing something?

General / Re: Reinstalled PI and DSLR Raw Module Missing...
« on: 2019 February 09 15:08:29 »
same here. Forced to use another application to process them

I have had an empty image that before. I'm not sure what caused it with my 1600 MC, but I deleted the bad one and the rest were fine.

Well how many individual Subs are there? You could just clone out the meteors on the individual Subs before integrating if they are limited too 50 or so how many more than that would be too much work. I guess that's the Occam's razor approach.

General / Re: Thumbnail viewer from within pixinsight file Explorer
« on: 2019 February 02 11:35:43 »
Thank you for the prompt reply I will look into that further. What I was actually referring to was when double-clicking in a work space it brings up a file explorer similar to the Windows File Explorer and there are no previews there.  I will look further into the file explorer feature rather than a double click on a workspace.

General / Thumbnail viewer from within pixinsight file Explorer
« on: 2019 February 01 20:30:18 »
Is there any reason why pixinsight won't show thumbnail preview pics in its file Explorer? I can understand Windows not doing it.  is there any reason to save files as Xsif as opposed to Tiff.  any plans on a thumbnail viewer within the program?

General / Re: Master Bias
« on: 2019 January 30 17:40:03 »
I think that they should look all similar as Subs or stacked, except for the accumulated banding that you see I believe that is why you take a bias so those could be subtracted out of your images. Sounds like you're doing it right but I would take 50 more of each, for 100, after all you only have to do it once. Many people here say not to even use a bias, but until I figure out where to use my dark Flats I have been using bias and works very well.

I have a modified T3i as well The Sweet Spot for the camera seems to be ISO 1600.  if you don't want to do them all at least do that one up to a hundred.

Gallery / Re: NGC1499 in Ha gray
« on: 2019 January 30 01:57:43 »
And the final tweak.

Gallery / NGC1499 in Ha gray
« on: 2019 January 30 01:56:07 »
Here I worked up another set of data in PixInsight: 5 x 900s + 4 x 1800s at gain 0 with the 127mm and asi1600mcc w/5nm Astrodon Ha filter at -20C. At some point in the latter stages I  reintroduced some noise, will have to check out where. The file name tells what was done when.  C&C welcome:

General / Super-pixel resolution loss
« on: 2019 January 30 01:50:43 »
Can one regain the image size/res after a Superpixel debayer by using a 2x drizzle?

I actually got a bunch of new stuff today under script with an update to 1457.
So long,
And thanks for all the scripts

General / Re: "Risky Temporary Folder" message
« on: 2019 January 28 17:31:36 »
I did the same thing at first you have to click the little blue dot To apply Global before you close the preferences thing

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