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General / Re: Photometric Color Calibration Error Message
« on: 2019 November 03 15:21:02 »
Just to add one more solution here, my image of M33 had the same error, even though it solved in ImageSolver. It was a bit heavy on the green. i did an SCNR and re-ran PCC and it worked


thanks Rob

regarding start and end, i'll just have to test for that and either duplicate the last pixel row or do nothing.

i'll give it a shot and see what appens



hi folks

i sometimes run into this issue of "3D dust donut halos".

I believe they happen when my flats have somehow become offset to my lights .Assuming that's true, i'm thinking of using pixelmath to create a new flat that is X pixels offset from the original. Through trial and error i should be able to figure out the correct offset

One thing I'm not sure of within pixelmath is how to reference a different pixel than the current one?

roughly i want to say: this pixel value should be the pixel value of one that is +10x, +1y offset kind of thing

looking for any feedback or suggestions?

here's an example (please ignore the poor collimation of my scope, i'm first light on this)


Bug Reports / Re: Reproducible crash in DrizzleIntegration
« on: 2019 September 03 22:01:37 »
I understand believe me -

I built a computer just to do pixinsight, it's the #1 fastest on Pixinsight Benchmark PI Core (x64) (105)

Sometimes it requires a little patience :) at least we have a workaround for now


Bug Reports / Re: Reproducible crash in DrizzleIntegration
« on: 2019 September 03 14:35:37 »
you might try using process lasso, which is an application that enables you to easily change CPU assignments, etc.

i should have said 6 logical processors, but i think it's really 3 cores, 6 threads

still works every time, although it's much slower :)


Please try the exact approach that I described above. I'm sure that it will work.


Hi Bernd - just wanted to say your process above worked brilliantly for me, i was searching the internet all today looking for the answer here. Thanks


Bug Reports / Re: Reproducible crash in DrizzleIntegration
« on: 2019 August 09 22:08:23 »
UPDATE: reducing PI to 6 cores seems to correct it here too


Bug Reports / Re: Reproducible crash in DrizzleIntegration
« on: 2019 August 09 14:58:32 »
i have an 18 core desktop the exhibits the same drizzle crash, but not on all drizzle integrations. I'm going to try to throttle to 6 cores and see what happens


That's fantastic Rob, beautiful image. Thank you for including the icons,

i'll study up!

Thank you again, so much


Thanks Rob

so when you say processing this data is really difficult, are you primarily concerned with the gradient, or equally concerned there is no SII?

It's one challenge to gather more data, it's another challenge to say the data i have is not very workable


Here is

HO(0.2HA + 0.8OII)

There's no miracle to this combination process, just the above. linear fit didn't seem to do much but I can also monkey with some other processing like curves. I don't know - the color doesn't look very good to me.

Maybe i'm just comparing to others that include SII and i just need to get on with collecting that data, like



Rob i agree it's a tough call for DBE - and why i'm swapping out that hardware

on your recipe HO (0.2*H+0.8*O)

are you suggesting blue = 0.2*H+0.8*O?

Thanks again


Rob that's fair feedback thanks. Unfortunately the bigger fix won't be happening anytime soon. i found out the filter wheel i have did not set the filters accurately so there is some amount of mis-registration for the flats. and btw, that is for the last 18 months of data.

i can fix that as part of DBE short term, I'm replacing that filter wheel with a higher quality one, but in the meantime, i got what I got :) :(

Right now i'm primarily interested in recipes for color combination, knowing the corners won't be the greatest

I would love to see some examples of bi-color processing for HA and OIII for my finished data?

what recipe do you use to create a narrowband bi-color RGB image? My recipes never seem to look very good, i'm hoping to get some insights here.

These are registered and cropped .xisf masters of HA and OIII so they are ready to go (although i haven't done anything like linear fit, just registration)




New Scripts and Modules / Re: Subframe Selector PCL Module
« on: 2019 February 13 14:03:57 »
Is it possible you didn't have any weighting expression?


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