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Does Pixinsght use AVX2?

Does it make a big speed difference?

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Debug Environment for Scripts?
« on: 2019 February 15 14:34:41 »
I just found the PJSR Object Explorer after I read you referring to it. :)
The existence of it should be made obvious in the script editor window and tab to auto complete?

Would be nice if extra info and example code was linked with the methods.
A bit like MS does on their website.

Region of interest doesn't work on all measurements, also very low resolution (3*3) does not work, it works on the other/older version.

Hence my previous question stands but can we choose to make the region of interest work on all stats?


Is it possible to define an area to be analyzed instead of the full frame?
If not it's maybe possible to misuse the weight formula to select an area?
On the other hand maybe not that hard to edit the script to crop the frames before 'Measure'.

I would like to have some of these nice statistics for a certain area in the image.

edit: nevermind, I found the 'Region of interest' in the version from the process menu.
edit2: see below

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Debug Environment for Scripts?
« on: 2019 February 02 03:50:35 »
Sure it's easy when you know the libraries very well.
It's not always your own script you try to understand, many times you are just going to edit an existing one instead of starting from scratch.

Would it be possible to add IntelliSense in the PI Editor?
This would help a lot in knowing what is possible/correct and what not.

Maybe you can make some plug-in for Eclipse when you think about adding debugging features.

New Scripts and Modules / Debug Environment for Scripts?
« on: 2019 January 28 10:50:34 »
How do you debug your script, just full run and then hope the error will guide you???

For small script try and error is ok but for large scripts I need to be able to set a breakpoint or something to see what is going on.

General / PI Marketing material? 30min. presentation in club
« on: 2019 January 06 02:57:04 »

In our astronomy club there are not many users of PI and I was asked to give a more or less sales presentation of PI "Try to convince us to buy PI"
Unfortunately I don't have any experience with alternatives, since I did choose to start with PI.

Does there exist some PowerPoint or other document I can use?
Instead of having to make it all myself. (The FAQ is a bit helpful)
I don't have that much experience in PI and I would probably miss some important points.

So I'm looking for a collection of 'all' reasons compared to alternatives, not just a few examples.


Off-topic / Many Threads Windows bug?....
« on: 2019 January 03 13:46:42 »
Someone with a threadripper or epyc PC running Windows may want to read this:

Would be interesting to know if this also have an influence on PI CPU performance.

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.6 Ripley Released
« on: 2018 December 17 11:32:05 »

I was starting to think that development for pixinsight faded away, good to see that it is still being kept up to date. :)

Uninstalled and installed the new version on win7 64bit (I got the activation codes immediately)

That works Thanks!

I see the mistakes, since I had trouble seeing which one was related to the other one.
and then it started to add points with dy > -1000 which probably introduced more error since I then reduced the dy manually to see the marker since it wasn't on the screen.
The color difference wasn't really obvious for me.

I tried to fix my own icon also instead of just using yours, and that helped me to learn to setup the tool and views to easier find wrong matches. :)

General / Making a distortion model for 18mm DSRL lens, Error?
« on: 2018 August 01 05:06:01 »

I'm trying to make a distortion model for my DSRL camera lens since the imagesolver never can't figure out the stars no matter how I try to point it in the right direction.
So I assume with a distortion model generated by the manual image solver it would work much better.

But generating the model always gives me an singular matrix error, see picture.
"Error: SurfaceSplineGenerateD(): Low-level API function error (0x0049): Singular matrix"
Am I doing something wrong or does the program not work right?

General / Re: Sugestions for a new computer
« on: 2018 July 11 12:43:09 »
An AMD 2700X (8 core) scores high but maybe too expensive.
but a good fast SSD is at least equally important and enough RAM 16GB or up.

Announcements / Re: Price
« on: 2018 April 05 12:13:52 »
The way I looked at it was: if a filter could do what you can do with pixinsight, wouldn't you want to buy that filter...
Although some free 'filters' are also available, but with my bad eyes I really like the very well done text size scaling in pixinsight.
You are also buying a platform/library, not just a program, so if you can do some programming you can customize it.
My only reservation is the program team is very small AND working on 3 (4?) different operating systems, everyone dies sooner or later, so, future proof ???

That said it would probably not be a bad idea if there was like a light version for like 50 euro or maybe even a free version, with the option to upgrade to full later if they require it, this will allow more users hence more new good scripts.
What needs to be disabled in a light or free version?  I'm sure the designers of the platform would be able to figure that out.
'PixInsight Pro'  is a good name for the current 'full version'  :)

About the possibility that a new major version would be released, frankly that would be a stupid idea of them.
Like I said it's a programming platform/library meaning they would need to support two versions in the future, some new code (they didn't write) will maybe work on the old version and some only on the new one, it's a maintenance nightmare for a very small design team and will result in users saying that the program isn't stable.

What they could do though if they have the Light/Pro (disable) features in place is add new major features as a paid add-on. (obviously updates/fixes stay part of the purchase price)

Announcements / Re: New RAW Module - Ready for Testing
« on: 2018 February 24 10:26:14 »
After it worked for some time PI didn't want to startup anymore. (pop-up at startup telling that I need to reinstall it)
I uninstalled and installed again, not sure if it is related to this code.

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