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Wish List / HDR mix
« on: 2018 April 15 06:09:07 »
 It would be nice to add an option to mix in a percentage of the original image when doing HDR  Multiscale transformation

  For example, I often find that when doing HDR on Luminance on galaxies,  I end up mixing in 50%  of the original image using pixel math. Would be nice to include this option in the original HDR box.

Thanks, Eric

General / Re: Problem Exporting from Lightroom
« on: 2017 December 21 13:13:31 »
Export to tif

Wish List / Export to Photoshop
« on: 2017 December 14 05:59:06 »
 This could be a quick shortcut key or Menu item.

  This would quickly export an image to a 16 bit, zip tiff file.




I would like to use enter channel curves with the new PI version 1.8.5.
However, when I tried to install it, I get memory errors and the file is not installed.
Are the old modules still compatible with the new version of PI?
Are you planning to update the modules?


Gallery / Re: LDN 673
« on: 2017 October 02 12:42:25 »

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Apply STF
« on: 2017 September 10 06:38:51 »

New Scripts and Modules / Apply STF
« on: 2017 September 09 05:27:48 »
The apply STF script by mike schuster  does not seem to work anymore in the current version of pixinsight.   It will not load into a windows 10 64-bit system.  Is there a new version of this script?


Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.5 Released
« on: 2017 August 04 05:39:44 »

Thanks for the new release-it looks great. 
So far, it is more stable on windows 10 and has many excellent improvements.
 I'm looking forward to using the new tools.
 I understand that you're still  tweaking the layout for high resolution 4K screens.  I am using a 24 inch 4K screen ...


 PS the histogram box bug is fixed.

General / Re: Noise reduction comparisons
« on: 2017 March 03 07:40:55 »

There are many noise reduction modules available in PixInsight, which are applicable in different situations.

For more specific response, you might want to post examples of the images and noise that you are trying to work with.

In general, one might use MLT on linear images to provide a quick and easy result. Mure is an alternative here.

I would suggest that you use TGV on stretched and composite images near the end of processing. In this case, TGV will sometimes produce remarkable results on your images.
For example, you can Separate the luminance and chrominance operations which is often very desirable.

However, TGV can be more difficult to use, and may require more experimentation on previews to get it to work as you learn how to use it. It is worth the trouble if you want the best results possible.

if you have an image where TGV is not working for you, you can try MMT on a stretched image.

In all cases, you need to pay attention to the masks and parameters to apply the noise reduction to the places you want in the right amounts.



I was enjoying the new gradient/noise thresholds parameter method, and it was improving the results for my images.
However, now in the latest version 1.21, this functionality has disappeared.

What's up?


General / Re: LRGB & DBE Processing.
« on: 2017 March 01 12:39:02 »
Hi Rob,

I'm struggling to understand your reply as i'm still a little confused.

One the DBE side of things, do i :
A)  combine RGB channels into a single RGB image and then apply DBE to it.
B) Apply DBE sperately to each R,G,B channel then combine RGB into a single RGB Image.

In regards to the Lum channel,  do i :
A) Combine with RGB at start of processing workflow before i apply noise reduction processes etc
B) apply noise reductions process to RGB Image and then seperate to Lum Image and combine L & RGB near the end of the processing workflow.

Sorry to have to ask again.


it's easier to do DBE on the combined RGB image. If this works, it is much faster. only when this fails would you want to do each channel separately.
Similarly, it is often more effective to attack the noise after the L RGB combination. You can use TGV (or MMT) after the image is stretched quite effectively most of the time. TGV allows you to separate luminance and chrominance filtering operations and works very well. MMT is easier to use.

These are just general rules of thumb, and processing usually must be adapted to your specific images and noise. You can always go back and try filtering the noise at the start as an alternative.


Gallery / Re: Sharpless 2-240 in HaRGB
« on: 2017 March 01 12:28:05 »

General / Re: Error and Recovery
« on: 2017 February 12 05:50:51 »
As you work, you should periodically save your project. This will serve as a backup in case of crashes.

General / Re: Background Equalization
« on: 2017 February 12 05:49:14 »
Try automatic background extraction, or dynamic background extraction.
DBE is more versatile, but takes more effort to learn and set up.

General / Re: Jpeg image
« on: 2017 February 06 12:45:31 »
if you want to keep the look of your Linear image, then you can look up how to apply the STF.
This can be a process where you drag from the STF box the Icon onto the histogram box and then apply it to the image.
Alternatively, you can download and install the script called "apply STF". This will solve your problem.
however, in general it is recommended that you stretch your images using the appropriate stretching tools.

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