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I use a very good script of my friend Laurent Bourgon to repair the dead columns.
You make a bias image to identify dead columns or dead lines and then you indicate the reference of the columns in the script.
Repairing the columns consists of replacing the defective ones with the columns that are nearby.

Excuse my bad English, I send you this script from France.


General / Debayer Matrix
« on: 2017 October 19 08:37:32 »
Hello everyone,

I have a headache, ZWO, QHY come out a new color camera with the sensor Sony IMX294CJK scratch scratch

The particularity of this sensor is the Debayer matrix different from the classic Debayer 2 x 2 in 4 x 4

This type of matrix makes it possible to make the actual BIN 2X2 unlike all CMOS sensors that make Bin 2x2 electronic
We would be ready for the arrangement of a color CCD sensor !!!!


Does anyone have any idea how to deal with Pixinsight ???

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