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Bug Reports / Re: Arcsinh stretch not showing after update
« on: 2017 October 21 09:29:40 »
Or use Linux or macOS, where these things don't happen.

Easily resolved but it would appear there was something strange with this update.


Hi Chris,

It happened on my MacBook Air.

How did you resolve it?

General / Re: Question about Subframe selector script...
« on: 2017 July 13 06:00:28 »
Bearing in mind that I have never used this script (yet, but it looks more interesting than I had expected it to be !!!), the first thing that now pops into my mind is that the expression you are using is not appropriate to be used as an Approval Expression.

The Approval Expression would appear to require that it should resolve to a TRUE or FALSE condition (thus determining whether a given subframe should, or should not, be selected for output).

The expression that you have created would appear to be better suited for the Weighting Expression field - where the result is expected to be in a numeric form, indicating how much effect a particular sub-frame would have in further processing stages.

That is correct.

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