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Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.8 Released
« on: 2019 November 08 15:59:54 »
The new features are great, but just as a data point, my benchmark scores dropped ~5% under Windows with my Ryzen 3900X and 1Tb NvMe drive with 10 x RAM drive (16Gb of 32Gb total) swap files (tested to be the fastest for me about 2 months ago).   

BTW,  I confirmed that at least one other process, the Calibration process,  dosen't fail like this - it dose not warn you but will fail when the process is run, letting you know at that time that the file location for the master dark is invalid.  That makes sense!

I reported this a couple of years ago and Juan agreed it was a problem and that it was going to be fixed, but apparently it has not been.   I have saved icons for each step of my process with all the settings so I don't have to figure them out each time.  However, with at least Cos Cor (possibly others) if the master dark file location from the last time I used the saved process icon is no longer valid, I get an error pop-up and the entire CC module opens with all settings reset to defaults!  This makes no sense.  Why not just default the single setting (a file location) and leave the rest of my settings alone? Or better yet, let me know, but then let the process fail when I try to run it? 

I'm on, Win 10. 


General / Re: Inside PixInsight the Book
« on: 2018 September 12 07:28:32 »
Warren,  the amazon link doesn't work.

General / Re: 206 frames with 16MP cam is too much for PI
« on: 2018 August 23 12:23:41 »
It's not a limitation with PI as I too routinely process more than 300 16mp files with no memory problems, but I also have 32Gb ram with 16Gb as a RAM drive, though I never had a problem when I only had a 16Gb Ram.  I do not know if >200 files would work with less than 16Gb. 

How much Ram do you have available for PI and how have you set up your swap files?  And are you running other programs while performing these PI processes?

General / PI on Hyper-V Ubuntu way slower than Win 10
« on: 2018 June 26 10:11:00 »
I finally figured all the installation and file issues in installing PI in an Ubuntu VM on my Win 10 PC, but when I run benchmark I get about 50% higher swap speed (great) but only 25% of the Windows CPU speed (~6K to ~1.5K).  I must have set up something wrong, but I have no idea what to tweak.  Any advice would be appreciated.

The PC is a 4770K OC'd to 4.4gHz with 32Gb Ram and ~7TB of SSDs and HDDs.  I use a 16gb Ramdrive with 4 swap files for PI.

The VM was set up with 8 logical cores, 16Gb ram allocated, and a 32GB swap disk and 30Gb OS partition on a Samsung 850 SSD shared with various files (mostly photos) but not my Windows boot drive).  I've not set up anything else in Hyper-V or in Ubuntu.   

Any suggestion on what I either did wrong or need to tweak?


General / Re: Computer Configuration Option questions
« on: 2017 October 02 11:41:32 »
After trying all sorts of combinations of SSD and RAM drive, I have 4 instances of the RAM drive set as my swap files. 

I use a color-calibrated NEC EA23 for a monitor.  It's a few years old but is (was?) a good monitor for photo processing and it calibrates well with my x-rite calibrator.   I print from Canon PIXMA Pro9000 MkII and Pro-100 printers using Canon Platinum Pro paper (most of the time).   A 27" 4K monitor may be a future investment, but I can already print what I see, so I don't think I have a limitation there.  I use the set-up extensively for LR/PS terrestrial photography in addition to AP, though not professionally. 

General / Re: Computer Configuration Option questions
« on: 2017 October 01 15:07:56 »
I run a, now older, i74770K overclocked to 4.4, with 2.5 TB of SSD drives and 8TB of HDDs, and 32Gb RAM.  OS is on a dedicated SSD.  16Gb of RAM are dedicated to a virtual RAM drive as soon as my computer boots and I use that along with swap disk on a dedicated SSD.  I don't remember the number off hand, but I get a pretty good score on PI's test, but I do not think that test has a lot of relevancy to real world PI use.   What I found was that the RAM drive did help, but not in many operations.  My video card is a mediocre 4Gb NVIDA card, but I don't think video acceleration is lacking.  What I have seen is that processes (virtually all of them) are faster at 4.4Ghz than they are at 3.8 (or so), and, not surprisingly, everything runs faster off SSDs.   To me that means that CPU speed matters, RAM drives help, SSDs are critical, and video cards are not critical (I only compared to a lower level card).   I have tried lots of combinations of sawp drives with SSDs and RAM drives, different CPU speeds, etc. I've tested a lot of permutations of my system.  My next upgrade will be for a faster CPU, but perhaps more importantly, a 6 or 8 core CPU as I think others have demonstrated that more cores at a given speed are faster. 

Also,  I too am processing 150-300 (or more) ASI1600 NB images at a time.  I find that my current system is pretty fast on all processes, and very much faster than is used to be at stock clock, no RAM drive, 16Gb RAM, and HDDs.  In fact it's fast enough that I am in no hurry to upgrade.


General / Re: Linear Fit Question
« on: 2017 August 17 10:29:27 »
No expert here, but when I LRGBCombine a Lum to a NB HOS "RBG" I find I get a better, to my eye, result when I do not LinearFit, but rather adjust lightness and saturation through the LRGBCombine panel.  In fact, I just tested this last night on an image I'm working on and did not like the result when I linear fitted the RBG to the Lum.  I'm using a separately processed Ha image for my Lum process. 

Bug Reports / 1.8.5 trivial
« on: 2017 August 04 06:50:17 »
Very trivial item, but ImageIntegration Cache Preferences pop-up box's button's "Purge persistent cache now" text  doesn't fit on the button and is partially cut off.

Bug Reports / Re: Bug or what did I do?
« on: 2017 January 03 15:21:11 »
Like the last poster on that linked thread,  there was no "X" to close the preview window on my screen - or I looked there a half dozen times and didn't see it.   Of course, if Juan says it's there, it must be!  If it happens again I'll take a screen shot if the "X" is missing.


Bug Reports / Bug or what did I do?
« on: 2016 December 30 11:23:52 »
Working with a project and CurvesTransformation, I had a real-time preview open and pressed something, but I don't know what, and the preview went full size in the workspace with no way to close or resize the image.  The real-time preview controls on the left side are present, but the top (or bottom) "close preview" button is gone - the preview goes from the main PI tool bar to the bottom PI tool bar, and there is no way to resize it.  I can select another image from the lower PI toolbar, but it is hidden behind the real-time preview. 

I don't know what I did to cause this or if it is a "feature", but I have tried every method I can think of to close or resize the preview, but nothing has any affect on it.


Bug Reports / Re: DBE fail on re-opened projects
« on: 2016 November 24 06:28:31 »

Thanks for looking into it and the suggested work around.


Bug Reports / Re: DBE fail on re-opened projects
« on: 2016 November 23 21:03:24 »

Here's a link to a Dropbox folder with the data files and project file in minimal form.   The first DBE icon (DBE_H) is the one to try.

I need to amend my description of the problem: I can add or move points, but they cannot be deleted.

I'll also repeat that this is one of two current projects with different data but the same problem, and this has occurred maybe 6 times in the past 12 or so projects. 

Let me know if you have trouble opening the folder.


Bug Reports / DBE fail on re-opened projects
« on: 2016 November 23 15:45:10 »
This has happened a number of times now over the past few months.  When I open a saved project that contains several integrated images and then open a saved DBE Icon with pre-established points, the points appear on the image like one would expect but they cannot be moved or deleted.  The only way to correct the problem is to close image then re-open the image from where it is saved.  The points generated by the saved DBE icon then can be moved or deleted.


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