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General / Aperture Photometry doesn't calculate Rmag
« on: 2019 July 22 15:01:11 »
I'm new to photometry and are trying to use PI's function before i try something else, but i can't get it to calculate the magnitude of the stars i'm trying to measure.
There's no flags on the star i'm trying to measure.

Table_errors.txt has this message: Table_PSF_Flux.csv: TypeError: star.psf is undefined
xisf file and csv file can be found here on Dropbox.

Wish List / Impove multithreaded calibration
« on: 2016 November 05 05:39:12 »
Calibrating images doesn't seem to be using all available processing power, i get cpu usage around 50% while calibrating on my 4790K so there is definitely possible to gain some speed during this processing

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