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General / Average date time of integration frame
« on: 2019 June 06 04:23:28 »
In the integration frame Pixinsight puts in the header the average time of the integrated frames. But, if I correctly analyzed it, it puts the average between the start data time of the first frame and the start data time of the last frame. For my astrometry analysis is correct, instead, to use the average of the start data time of the first frame and the end data time of the last frame.
Is it possible to have this information in the header?

Image Processing Challenges / m106 color problem
« on: 2014 May 27 23:30:59 »
Hi all, I have a lot of problem to calibrate the color and improve the center of an integration of 15 lights/8 minutes of m106.
the link is the image with BN, DBE, deconvolution, MLT (for noise), maskedStretch.
Could you help me in order to enhance the photo?

Hi all,
I have a lot of problem with DBE on my m81/m82 photo, it is two hours integration from 60 lights of 120s at 800iso, with darks, biases and flats. All images are good (they seem good).
Could you help me to flat the image with DBE?
Here is the integrated photo:

General / Color balance DSLR e batch preprocessing
« on: 2014 February 09 09:19:30 »
Hi all,
I'm using Pixinsight to combine my lights, darks, biases and flats, but I have problem with colors: the image produced is very blue. I use the script BatchPreProcessing with standard options.
If I use DeepSkyStacker shows more natural colors (the first image attached have the two photos).
I put also the image with the parameter of the DSRL CR2 format.
My setup is Canon 1100d with a UHC-S Baader filter on a Newton 250/1000 Widephoto (also known as Quattro).

Image Processing Challenges / Help on b33 Horsehead
« on: 2014 February 02 00:43:54 »
Hello to everybody,
it's different days I'm trying to process my b33, horse head nebula, picture made with 41 lights of 120s and 180s (total about 2 hours integration), 5 darks, 50 biases, 30 flats, but the result are not very good. The photo is made from a very light pollution site: the center of Rome/Italy, with a 250/1000 Newton, a Canon 1100D not modified and a UHC-S filter.
My problem is how to remove the gradient and the blue dominant and how to enhance the nebula around the head.
Here is my workflow:
Script EnhanceDarkStructure;

The result and the history process are attached.
Here is the file:

Thank you for any help.

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