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General / Mass change pixel values
« on: 2019 April 08 08:54:32 »
Using Pixelmath is there a formula that will mass adjust all pixels in a gray image that have a k value of .0010 to change to a value of .0011? My camera has a horizontal banding issue that I haven’t had repaired yet and I am looking for a short term processing fix.

General / Pixelmath-change value of pixels
« on: 2018 October 14 08:22:11 »
I have a large sensor camera with a bit of a banding problem. I’ve looked at the value of the pixels in the bands, they seem to have a k value that is generally one count less than the background. I’d like to use Pixelmath to bump those pixels up to a value that matches the overall background. Maybe even slightly randomize the spread. Would someone mind taking a stab at an expression that will cover all or part of this? Thanks.

Link to an Ha image-

General / Row defects in Cosmetic Correction
« on: 2018 January 21 08:57:36 »
I’ve gone through and carefully selected my column defects in Cosmetic Correction and saved the txt file. Now I’m trying to address row defects. I click on a row and hit Add Defect. Despite the row numbers appearing in the defect list table they are not being saved to the txt file. If I manually type the row number in the Defect List txt file and then open it in Cos Corr it will appear. A little curious as to why row defects don’t get saved to the file.

General / Minimize
« on: 2016 September 11 19:27:02 »
I understand that time marches on and my two year old, 17" screen, eight core i7 Toshiba laptop is no longer sufficient to run Pixinsight. I get that you had to lock down the screen "whatever it is" that no longer permits me to see the Minimize icon on the upper right corner. I promise that I am dancing as fast as I can to save up the money to buy a bigger, better screen to run Pixinsight. But until that time, would it be too much to ask that you folks place a Minimize function under the File menu so I can see other apps while Pixinsight is open? Yes, I know about Alt Space N but that doesn't work with a process window open.

General / Moving project from PC to iMac
« on: 2015 August 25 10:02:23 »
Last night I let my fast PC laptop to do the heavy lifting of manual preprocessing. I was careful to save the project along the way. This morning I wanted to transfer the project to my slower but way better screen iMac. When I looked at the project in File Explorer on my PC it was just a 530kb file. Not the MB's I expected it to be. How do you transfer a project from one computer to another and insure that the images go along for the ride?

General / Two questions about flats
« on: 2015 July 27 16:48:15 »
I have a QSI with two download speeds. The fast speed has twice the noise of the quality speed. For the purpose of taking dusk flats, would it be possible to use the fast download speed to get as many flats in as possible, and then use something like TGV Denoise to clean them up? Or, should I just use the quality speed and take fewer flats?

Additionally, is there generally a recommended number of flats to use per filter? I just don't recall seeing a reference for that.


General / Catalog Star Generator
« on: 2015 July 01 17:56:20 »
I'd like to try David Ault's method for registering my images to a star field produced in Catalog Star Generator. I can't find a tutorial or instructions for using the current version of CSG and I have tried about 25 times to get a star field to show up using some very generic settings but nothing but a blank window appears. Is there a tutorial or instructions available that I'm missing? I've downloaded the database but there doesn't seem to be anyway to point to it. Suggestions appreciated.

General / Full screen image
« on: 2015 May 13 07:12:09 »
Is there a way to make an image full screen rather than just the Cntl+0 size? I processed an M42 on my laptop and some of the satellite trails didn't show until I opened the final image on my Mac, full screen.

General / A Word doc for Subframe Selector
« on: 2015 April 06 07:52:21 »
I have enjoyed using David Ault's tutorial for Image Integration found on his website at Trapped Photons. Really comprehensive work. But, accurately typing his approval formula in Subframe Selector correctly each time is a bit of a challenge. To overcome that I've created a Word doc to assist. It allows you to type the values into a table and they automatically get populated into the formula. Then you copy and paste the formula into the Expressions area of Subframe Selector.

To use, open the document and type the high and low values into the table. As you move to the next box the values will populate the appropriate places in the formula. Check the final box outside the table after you've filled in LowNoise. That will cause the LowNoise values to populate. At this point, "Stop Protection" of the form in Word's Developer tab. Copy and paste the formula into the Subframe Selector Expression Approval box. Close the Word doc, do not save it, and it will reopen in it's automatic state again the next time you need it. A little simplistic but hopefully you may find some use for it.

If you wish to modify his formula to suit your own requirements, the doc is based off Bookmarks and Cross References.

General / Image Integration tutorial
« on: 2015 January 29 08:33:44 »
I have seen a few excellent tutorials for creating master bias, darks, and flats within Image Integration. What I can't find is a tutorial that shows how to combine those with my lights in Image Int. Any suggestions?

Wish List / Add a text box in each process.
« on: 2015 January 27 16:38:17 »
I believe it would be helpful to add a blank text box in each process. That would allow a person to write and save personal use comments for each process they employ.

General / DBE on lots of nebulosity?
« on: 2015 January 16 21:26:12 »
Most DBE tutorials I've seen deal with a moderately sized Galaxy or nebula surrounded by lots of space. I just did 5 hours of the Rosette Nebula that fills about 97% of the frame. How do you DBE an image that is mostly nebulosity or do you DBE it at all? Is there a tutorial already in place?

General / Background neutralization
« on: 2014 December 27 08:13:06 »
I began work on an HDR version of M42 yesterday. After cropping I found that there was no area of the images that were free of nebulosity. Most of the BN tutorials I've seen use a galaxy with lots of clear space around them. How does one handle BN with a gassy, dusty image? Thanks

General / Failed update
« on: 2014 December 24 09:04:11 »
Last night I opened PI and saw that I had six updates to install. Hit the Roger Dodger button and got a message that only five of the six were successful. Don't remember which one failed at this point. When I went up to resources and did a manual check for updates it gave me the, "No updates available," message. Should I just wait for the next auto update or is there another way to really force the issue?

Wish List / Show start date of thread
« on: 2014 September 13 21:31:02 »
Can the start date of a thread be included next to the OP's name? Right now the date that shows is just the last time someone replied, but the original issue might be quite old.

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