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General / Windows 10 compatability
« on: 2015 June 09 15:11:22 »
Recently, Microsoft has been announcing that Windows 10 will be available in July of 2015.  They are offering a free upgrade to all Win 7/8 users running SP1 or greater.  We are being requested by Microsoft to reserve a free download now to make the transition more smoothly.

My question is:

Will PixInsight run seamlessly under the new Windows 10 platform when it is up and running?  Or will there be issues until the PI team can address this new operating system?

Off-topic / Merry Christmas
« on: 2014 December 24 06:57:52 »
A special note to Juan and all of the PixInsight Development Team:

May all of you have a very Merry Christmas (Feliz Navidad - the extent of my Spanish) and a Happy New Year.

Your prodigious efforts have produced a truly exceptional product that has been a gift to us all in astrophotography.  As it matures even more, I (rubbing my crystal ball) foresee new industry standards being set by PI for many years to come.

There isn't much I can do to return this favor to my hobby other than to support you as best I can, speak your praises to others, and to tell you a very heartfelt "Thank You" for all of your efforts.

Currently, my status here on this forum is listed as a "pixinsight addict".  Pretty apt description.  I don't think I will ever use another photoprocessing package for astrophotography again.

May all of you be blessed in your endevours, both with PI and with your lives in general.

--- Chris --- 

Bug Reports / Problem with recent updates to PI
« on: 2014 December 24 06:34:10 »
Last night when opening PI I was greeted by the not unfamiliar notice that updates were ready to be downloaded and installed.  This latest update package listed 7 packages to download.  Upon checking the "Accept All" button the download proceeded normally until I got the warning notice "6 updates successful - 1 failed".  The only choice at that moment was to accept the notice at which time the notice changed to the usual Changes will take effact upon the exiting the Core program.  This I did successfully.

Then thinking that if I tried to access updates again the failed file may be available and I could try again.  But when I tied this I got the notice that no updates are available.

Since I have PI on both my laptop and my desktop I went through the update routine on th eother machine.  Same scenario as before with 6 and 1 failure. 

Watching more closely this time, I noticed that 2 of the files appeared to have identical names. But I couldn't confirm if it was this that caused the failure.  If it was merely a "repeat" then the failure would be obvious and of no real effect since one of the copies was successful.  But I felt this needed to be brought to the PI Teams attention to confirm this scenario.

FYI:  My operating system is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!



General / LRGB Combination problem.
« on: 2014 November 15 11:27:30 »
I recently tried to follow an example of color correction by using LRGB channel extraction, Linear Fit, and LRGB Combination.  Everything seemed to go well until the final reassembly of the image.  A complete workflow (as best my memory serves me) is below.

From a 32bit floating point TIFF OSC frame from a DSLR I did the following: 1) Extracted the Luminance channel, then minimized it for later work.  2) extracted the RGB channels into separate images.  3)Using Linear Fit, I selected the RED channel image as a reference, then accepted the defaults and applied Linear Fit to the Blue and Green channel images. 4) next using LRGB Combine I reassembled the R,G, and B, channel images into one RGB file. 5) on the resulting RGB file I applied Curves Transformation (Saturation) and a bit of Color Saturation to boost some reds and pinks, and then ACDNR to blur a bit of the background noise. Finally I applied Histogram Transformation using the STF settings to set the RGB image to non-linear. 

With the RGB done, I then moved on to the Luminance image I had extracted earlier to: 6) STF autostretch applied to Histogram Transformation. Then 7) Local Histogram Equalization to try for a bit more detail in the structure.

Lastly, (and this is where my problem arises) I opened LRGB Combination again, this time selecting only the Luminance channel image.  I then dragged the process icon triangle over to the RGB image to apply the combination.

This step failed --- I got an error stating the geometry of the 2 images did not match ---  What did I do incorrectly or what step did I leave out?


Gallery / Problem posting to gallery
« on: 2014 October 23 20:27:52 »
I have tried several times to upload an image (412kb only) using two different computers.  I just can't get it to upload.

1) I start a new topic. 2) I type a short narrative. 3) I browse for the image I selected making sure it is under 500kb. 4) I hit the "POST" button.

Then the screen goes completely white.  After waiting as long as 10 minutes, the screen is still white.  Trying the browser "refresh" or "back" commands gives me an error message stating that I have already submitted my post, even though I haven't tried to resubmit.

What am I doing wrong?

Bug Reports / Problem with saving files
« on: 2014 October 15 18:46:39 »
First I am running Windows 7 Professional...  My problem is as follows:

1) I routinely convert files to 32bit floating point TIFF for work in PI.
2) After completion of all processing, both linear and non-linear I routinely save as 32bit FP TIFF, PNG, and JPEG.
3) When I go to view them in other software they appear very dark, almost as if I had not worked on them.
4) If I try to convert them to 16bit integer TIFF and then save them as above I still get the same problem.
5) If I import the 16 bit TIFF into Photoshop - Change mode to either 8 bit or 32 bit the problem remains.
6) If I import the 32 bit TIFF into Photoshop - Change mode from 32bit to 16 bit, the problem seems to be solved.
I don't feel I should have to resort to Photoshop to view files I've spent so much time working on in PixInsight.  Further, This problem only manifested itself recently, after a recent update to Java runtime (Version 8 Update 25).  I'm hoping that it is something that you gentlemen can remedy for me without too much trouble.

Wish List / slider control with arrow keys vs. mouse
« on: 2014 July 05 06:39:30 »
Sometimes I find it difficult to make small, precise settings of sliders using only a mouse.  So I often resort to typing numerical settings directly into the slider value display.  This is slow and cumbersome. 

Since this is a "wish list", I request that a future release or update contain the ability to adjust sliders using either the left/right or up/down arrow keys.  This request would extend to all processes etc. where sliders are used for adjustments.

Hopefully, you will find this to be a reasonable request.

General / Color correction of Astronomics CLS filter
« on: 2014 May 19 08:28:29 »
With my Canon T2i (550D) DSLR I've been using an Astronomics CLS clip-in filter hoping to reduce the effects of rampant light pollution in my area.  But the final outcome is that the images have a blue cast to them.  This is especially bothersome with planetary photos where the color of features can be critical to a good image.

I'm asking for suggestions on how to deal with this in Pixinsight to retrieve more normal color in my photos. 

(FYI: the in camera white balance is set to Daylight)

I originally took the AVI video of this photo back on 01-UN-2012.  Processing it with Autostakkert2 and Photoshop I got the usual grayish washed color of the lunar maria.  Then I stumbled upon a YouTube video explaining the use of Pixinsight's Restoration Filter for planetary images so I looked for something in my old files to try it out on.

Boy-oh-boy was I ever surprised by the difference in both sharpness and details, especially when combined with Curves Transformation and Color Saturation bringing out colors I never thought I had captured before.

Thanks Pixinsight!  Photoshop is now officially demoted to family vacation photos


General / Master calibration files
« on: 2014 April 04 19:28:08 »
Being a relative newbie, I have a very basic question.  How do I create master darks, flats, and bias files?  The Batch Preprocessing Script appears to require lights as part of its process.  But I would like to construct a master bias library at the minimum that I could save for use in calibrating many images in the future.
So how do you gentlemen do it?

General / What's up with Pixinsight Magazine?
« on: 2014 February 06 07:02:00 »
When you first logon to the Pixinsight website the right-side column of links lists Pixinsight Magazine just underneath the link to this forum.  If you access the PI Magazine link you get the November 2011 issue.  No other issues, past, present, (or future) are listed.  So my queston is:

Is PI Magazine defunct, having only the one issue of oever 2 years ago?  If not, where is the access to other issues?


General / SubframeSelector Script
« on: 2014 February 03 18:58:59 »
There seems to be two different SubframeSelector scripts listed under the Batch Processing header in the Scripts drop-down menus.  One is marked 0.95.  The other marked 0.97.  Is there a difference between the two?  If one is just an older version of the other, why wasn't the older on overwritten by the newer?  Just a tad confusing.

General / Recovery from a hard disk crash
« on: 2014 January 29 07:46:28 »
Last night the hard disk on my laptop decided to crash on me.  Since I will have to replace this hard drive I will obviously need to reinstall all the software that used to reside on it, including Pixinsight.

Luckily I had PI installed on both my laptop and my desktop computers.  Therefore, I still have a copy of my commercial license key.

My question is:  Please describe, step by step, the proper way to reinstall PI on the new hard drive once I get my laptop back from repair.

Gallery / A newbies first DSO
« on: 2014 January 19 09:44:29 »
The following is one of my very first DSOs - M42 taken on 18-JAN-2011.
It is one frame only RAW (.CR2) shot with a Canon T2i (550D) 15 seconds at prime focus with a Celestron CPC1100GPS/XLT f/10 2800mm (no focal reducer nor any filters).  The short exposure was due to the scope being set up in Alt-Az mode as I did not yet own a wedge for polar alignment. Some slight - and poor - processing in Photoshop. Needless to say it was a rather disappointing result. But recognizing that I am a beginner, I decided to soldier on.


The following is the VERY SAME RAW image (no multiple Light frames, no Darks, no Flats, No Bias frames).  The only difference is my acquisition and use of Pixinsight for processing (and a little better understanding of digital imaging than before)

I was dumbfounded by the improvement!  My heartfelt thanks go out to all of the inspired people who created and produced this wonderful software.  You have given me a renewed vigor to becoming a better astrophotographer.  I know now that someday I will be able to reproduce some of the fantastic images I've seen posted on various portions of the web.

Always a Newbie...


I'm a bit lost.  :-[

 I've tried just about everything I could think of to register and integrate 12 frames of the Moon with no luck at all.  There are no stars in the background so I tried both HDR composition and Gradient Merge Mosaic processes (grasping at straws here). 

So my question is:

How do you gentlemen perform this type of integration?

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