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Release Information / Latest version and MacOS
« on: 2019 May 15 13:27:59 »

Just downloaded latest version on my macbook and got.

You have OS 10.11.6. The application requires OS X 10.12 or later

Was this known for El Capitan ?

Many thanks


PCL and PJSR Development / Qt IDE
« on: 2019 May 06 04:05:55 »

I have used Qt before, and Qt Creator is very good as an IDE for finding class members and create Qt widgets.

I am interested in getting to grips with pixinsght at a scripting level, but the class definitions seem daunting and the idea of an IDE helping out seems logical.

As pixinsight is built upon Qt, is there a way of setting up Qt creator for pixinsight development ? If not, does anyone use another IDE to help learning class definitions/ coding ?

I look forward to your guidance.

clear skies


General / Dumb question but how do you update an instance
« on: 2016 November 26 03:40:49 »

A dumb question but ...

I have the mac version of pixinsight and I have a workflow that I use from session to session.
All the instance are neatly named, so I know where in the workflow I am.

Inside the inherited instances, they points to the previous files, so I change them but can not save the instance with the updates  :'( There is a new instance triangle, but I then have to rename this the workflow instance names (which is annoying). There is an UPDATE button to the top right corner, but when I close the instance and reopen (the old files are still there  :yell: )

What am I missing here ??

many thanks in advance (this is something I have been meaning to post for ages now...)


General / Newbie question: Color FITS
« on: 2013 September 23 10:22:31 »

I am an newbie to ccd imaging, so expect some dumb questions, and have just downloaded the trial version. Basically am saving the pennies for a dedicated deepspace cooled camera next year, and in the interim have just purchased a SBIG STI colour, as both a guidescope (DSLR at present and the deepspace when I've saved up), and as a planetary camera.

I have some images of jupiter and the moon, so want to stack etc. I have found my way to the FFTregistrattion, then use the STF auto stretch. ( I assume this is the correct option for this ?)

One thing is that the color from the image does not seem to be present.  :-[
When I look at the FITs header it is colour-space is grayscale: is this correct ?

I have been exchanging emails with SBIG: their software seems to handle color output from the STI. By they agree that registax has issues (images only look green for jupiter). Is the behaviour from pixinsight implying that SBIG have a generic issue with there FITs color format?

Any pointers to what I should see in pixinsight would be ratefully received, and whether I need any special settings.
This would also be useful longterm in deciding whether to go for a mono or colour deepspace CCD.

Anyway all help gratefully received  :D

best regards

Colin Thomas

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