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Detection and Removal of Artifacts in Astronomical Images

General / Installation under PCBSD
« on: 2015 December 07 14:59:21 »
I just installed PCBSD 10.2 in a virtual machine under Mint Linux and everything runs fine. I used a Virtualbox vmdk machine from the PCBSD site.
I downloaded the Freebsd version of PI and the installation terminated without errors. Unfortunately PI won´t start.
Any ideas?


PS: (09.12.2015)
In the meantime i tried to install PI under FreeBSD 10.2 and PC-BSD 10.0. In none of the versions PI starts after the installation.
Is there any version of BSD that will work with PI?

General / SubframeSelector System Parameters
« on: 2015 October 16 02:40:56 »
I want to give the SubframeSelector script a try on my last subs i created (140 x 600s).
In the System Parameter part is asked for the camera gain.
I wonder which value is meant. Is it the value which i get by running
the BasicCCD Parameter script? Is the value dependant on the Gain settings of the driver?
I use a QHYCCD 9m and the documentation gives a value for the System gain of 0.4e-/adu (at gain=0).
So if i push up the gain in the driver to lets say 10, is that of importance for the SubframeSelector script?

Maybe someone can clarify this.

Hi everybody,

the idea is to combine RGB Data from a 1000Da (5.7 microns pixel size) and Luminance from a KAF 8300 mono (pixelsize 5.4 microns).
Is that possible with PI, and when how to accomplish that?
The data will be gathered with the same optic. Do i have to split the RGB channels in R, G and B?
What about registering the different scales? Does it makes sense at all?
Lot of question marks, i hope that someone can help.


Bug Reports / No Updates on Win XP
« on: 2013 September 29 08:41:42 »
Just installed the 32Bit Version on my old XP Horse.
Unfortunately the following error appears when trying to access
th PI server: Network error: Failed to connect to Connection refused
Does someone have a hint?


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