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This looks interesting.... on background extraction

General / Drizzle tool?
« on: 2014 March 19 02:09:29 »
Sorry if thsi is an old question already answered! Is there a Drizzle tool in PI...seen some ealy posts about it but cant seem to see the final implementation...thenks,

Gallery / widefield distortion corr
« on: 2014 March 08 09:05:17 »
I've posted this, not because its a great image, but because  I was really impressed by how PI corrected for distortion. It was with a 50mm lens so FOV is about 20x20deg. The images stars and NGC's, line up with the annotated location perfectly! 11x3min exp, Canon500D,50mm lens at f2.2, mounted on iOptron SkyTracker. (green is cloud that I've not bothered to correct for in this example)

General / distortion correction/modelling
« on: 2014 February 02 03:02:04 »
I'm getting a bit confused as to how to correct for geometric distortions. I see you can have a distortion correction set in the star alignment. If this is used does the ref image need to be a distortion free one from a Catalogues Star Generator??

General / DSLR with CLS filter preferred method
« on: 2013 December 04 00:45:11 »
I was wondering if there is a preferred method to handle the colour cast from using a CLS filter. I presently let DBE handle it but have seen others use background neut first or channel balancing?? thanks.

General / cosmic ray rejection
« on: 2013 September 03 08:07:24 »
Came across this. Possibly useful?
Cosmic?Ray Rejection by Laplacian Edge Detection
Author(s): Pieter G. van Dokkum
Source: Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 113, No. 789 (November
2001), pp. 1420-1427
Published by: The University of Chicago Press on behalf of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Stable URL: .


Wish List / Note taking?
« on: 2013 August 04 05:53:03 »
It wld be nice if i cld make notes along the way during pricessing steps. Then have this saved in the project. Just a simple text entry window would do.

General / Hi! Newbie..couple of questions..
« on: 2013 July 25 00:33:57 »
Hello All. Currently on the Trial of PI and so far loving it! Def appeals to my scientific nature  :D
I have a couple of questions that so far I cant see have been addressed but this may be wrong!
1) The noise minimisation via an Optimisation routine: What Optimisation algorythm is used? What about the local/global minimum problem? 2) Scaling of darks is linear, thus only first term of Exp(kT)? how about the next term to give wider T range? 3)  new Align has Geometric correction..script to generate the correction vector CSV? could this in principle be used to correct for Coma??
Many thanks!

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