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Image Processing Challenges / M42 HDR Tool leaves mono core
« on: 2014 February 15 23:08:24 »
Hi everyone!

I have some data on M42 and have tried to create an image using the HDR tool. I have tried it a few times and always seem to end up losing detail and colour in the core.

The data was acquired using a C11 Edge HD with a Hyperstar lens and a Canon 60Da. I have taken 3 sec subs for the core and 30, 60 and 90 second subs for the rest of the dynamic range.

I have intergrated and calibrated each exposure and have applied DBE. The files can be found in the link below, please have a try and see if the core can be tamed. In my result I think I may have clipped the bright data when stretching?

I have attached and Jpeg of my result for reference.



General / HDR composition error
« on: 2014 February 04 02:51:22 »
Hi Everyone

I'm trying to create a HDR image using four images of different exposures. An error pops up saying "bad linear fit,channel 0". Does this mean I have a problem in the red channel somewhere?

I have tried running the tool 4 times each with only 3 images by removing a different exposed image each time, hoping to find which image is creating the error but the error pops up every time.

I have also adjusted the binarizing threshold which made I slight difference - Instead of the error the tool produced an image but aborted after intergrating 3 images.

The images have been registered with each other using the star alignment tool. DLSR images.

Any help would be very appreciated



General / Batch processing help DSLR
« on: 2013 July 13 05:51:27 »
HI all

Complete newbie here.

I've found and run the batch processing script for the first time and have an ugly result.

I have used Pixinsight for a couple of images before which have turned out good. However for these images I only registered and integrated as un-calibrated  DSLR raw images.

Now with a new target (Helix) I wanted to apply some flats, darks, bias frames to get some better results. I watched Harry's batch processing video and tried out the script.

I dont know what I've done. After applying Bais x15,  Darks x 15 (same ISO same exposure length as lights ,different temp) and Flats x 10 (ISO 800) and debayering I end up with this image below.

Lights were not dithered could that be it?

Camera is the 60Da with clip CLS - CCD filter,  I used RGGB as the debayer option. I have done a stack of reading and searched forums only to have ended up with "information over" and my brain has crashed.

Thanks for help

Cheers Rod :)

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