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General / How to extract WB setting from debayered RAW image?
« on: 2019 February 13 10:47:28 »
Is it possible to extract WB setting from RAW image opened in PixInsight? RAW settings is displayed in attached image.

General / How to disable thumbnail opening?
« on: 2017 September 11 12:19:06 »
When opening FITS file, embedded thumbnail is opening too. This causes error at Batch preprocessing scripts. Is it possible to remove thumbnail from image, or prevent open thumbnail?

General / Star alignment issue
« on: 2017 June 25 03:06:15 »
To this time I never have problem with image registration. Now I have set of comet Johnson images, that I cannot register using star registration module. I have used default settings. Later tried to change log sensitivity or other parameters. Still the same result. Sample images are stored on endor file server.

Comet Johnson sample files

Please help, if anybody knows.

I removed Zoom toolbar at home. Today starting PixInsight at bigger display, zoom toolbar is again visible. In specified folder is only one Pixinsight.ini. I made backup of this file and compare it with INI file created after correct desktop settings.
Main difference is in startup time, pixel dimension of main screen and changes in MainWindow\Layout=@ByteArray(...). There are encoded settings for toolbar too.
Main reason is display resolution. If PixInsight started with different display resolution than stored in INI file, PixInsight will reset some keys with default values. I think, that reseting toolbars is not necessary.

Bug Reports / Unable to save project...
« on: 2015 December 04 09:50:24 »
When saving project, I obtained message...
File I/O Error: Unable to open file: Win32 error (32):The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

PixInsight ( is running on Windows 7 64bit. On drive C: is more than 45GB free of space.

Wish List / Working with preview
« on: 2015 August 13 02:42:41 »
It would be useful to use CTRL key while dragging preview on the image, to make a copy of it. Similar as working with icons on desktop in any modern OS. See attached image. Thank you.

Wish List / Change value of sliders and spinners.
« on: 2014 April 22 11:55:39 »
As Andre wrote in this response;topicseen
I have a suggestion for the new convolution process: In many of my images the right value for the deringing parameter is less than 0.01. However the slider has a precision of 0.01 units. So for selecting a smaller value I have to write it on the textbox. I think that you should set a smaller range in the slider and increase the precision, i.e. min:0 max:0.2 inc:0.001. That is only 200 steps.

Is it possible to implement change value of sliders or spinners by using cursor keys?
Using cursor keys up / down for increment of basic precision, CTRL+cursor keys fo increment of 1/10th of basic precision and SHIFT + cursor keys fo increment of 10 x basic precision?
And more better doing this same but using mouse wheel instead of cursor keys?

Bug Reports / PI 1.8: Automatic ScreenTransferFunction
« on: 2013 November 20 22:58:26 »
I don't know, if this is bug or feature.
I preprocessed images using Batch preprocessing script.
First image is result obtained in PI 1.8 RC7 after STF.
Second image is result obtained in new PI 1.8 after STF.

The same parameters on input, same set of images. Is there applied any noise reduction routine?

Bug Reports / PI 1.8: STF
« on: 2013 November 20 15:29:33 »
When I try to click and drag the midtones triangle, it jump to the right, and image is pure white.

Bug Reports / 1.8.RC4 Update repository error
« on: 2013 March 13 12:41:42 »
Hi Juan. I obtained error message after setup and startup of PixInsight.
PixInsight Update System
<p style="white-space:pre;">Unable to download repository information.</p><p>Check the error log below for details.</p>
OK   Hide Details...   

When clicked on the link in your post (, I got the similar error:

Your IP address or the username/password you entered were not correct. Your request was denied as you have no permission to access the data on this server.

How to set username or password when obtaining data from repository?

Bug Reports / Tool bars reset
« on: 2013 March 05 13:11:14 »
Every time I open a PixInsight, my tool bars are reset to default set. I disable Zoom tools and enable Geometry tools. After restart, Zoom tools are again visible and Geometry tools are missing. How can I set this set as permanent? The same with thin vertical blue line. If I set position, the line is again at the default position after restart. Please help!

General / Explorer Windows
« on: 2012 December 06 15:38:20 »
Is it possible to change order of explorer windows on the side of desktop? I mean console, process explorer, history explorer, ...  I wish to put process explorer to the top of the tabs, but not to the top-left desktop corner.

Wish List / Beep after processing
« on: 2012 April 23 23:27:33 »
Hi Juan.

Is it possible to return the beep feature from PI LE? Many tasks in PI are too long. After beep I know when to return to my computer. Thank you.


Gallery / M31 HDR mosaic 3x3
« on: 2012 January 12 22:51:07 »
After a lot of time I processed data taken on september and october of 2011. This image is mosaic of 9 images (3x3). HDR composition is made from 5x900s and 10x120s. Data were aquired with TMB 135/780 (+ flattener) and CCD camera G2 8300 (Moravian Instruments) cooled to -30°C.

Processing steps:
calibration (Astroart, other steps done with PixInsight)
removing gradients from separate images
gradient merge mosaic
removing residual gradients
histogram stretch
HDR multiscale transform
local histogram equalization
multiscale median transform for noise reduction
clone stamp (removing trails from few satelites)

Here is the image, after click is available 50% version. Original cropped mosaic is 8790x6265px large.

Off-topic / Unable to create mosaic
« on: 2012 January 04 11:24:22 »
When I try to create mosaic from two images, registration proces generate an error. I don't know what parameter I need to change. What does it mean, this error message? Details are attached. Please, help me if anybody know!  ;)

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