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Wish List / Wishlist for DynamicCrop
« on: 2018 January 25 02:29:31 »
Hello Juan and Team,
Can you please add the following options to DynamicCrop tool?
1. Aspect ratio: Whenever I want to maintain the aspect ratio, I have to use the calculator. Can you please provide Aspect Ratio as an option?
2. Grids: Can you provide the "rule of third" grids in DynamicCrop?
3. When we select an area to crop, the outside of the crop area should get greyed out, not the inside of the crop area.

Thanks and Regards,

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Solar Corona
« on: 2017 August 10 10:47:19 »
Hello All,
Is there a tutorial or example on processing the solar corona during a solar eclipse using PixInsight?
I want to understand how to align, stack and create HDR solar corona image during the Aug 21st eclipse.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello All,
I need help to process this image. It has lot of stars and nebula is fainer than the stars.
I'm not able to understand how to bring out the nebulosity and reduce the stars.
If I apply Morphological transform, stars reduce to some extent but not much. If I apply multiple times, it results in weird artifacts.
Please help.


Wish List / Does PI support GPU acceleration?
« on: 2016 December 27 10:24:39 »
Hello PI team,
I saw the following on the website.

We plan on implementing GPU acceleration using the CUDA development platform. GPU acceleration will be integrated at a low level with our PixInsight Class Library C++ development framework, so it will be available to the PixInsight core application—including native implementations of JavaScript runtime objects—and most existing tools. Hopefully the first GPU-accelerated versions of PixInsight will become available during 2015. Stay tuned!

Is it already implemented? If not, can you please provide a revised timeline?

Thanks and Regards,

Hello All,
I shot Virgo galaxy cluster with Canon 1200D and 200mm f2.8 lens. When I stretch the stacked image, there was a lot of thread-like background noise which I'm unable to get rid of. Any tips would be greatly helpful. The image is shared here.

Image Details:
Canon 1200D, Canon 200mmf2.8L
Lights: 40x180s @ f4 @ ISO800
10 darks, 20 flats, 20 bias.
ImageIntegration with Linear Fit Clipping.

Hello All,
How do you process an Earth-sky photo on PixInsight? Is it possible to separate sky and earth and process them separately? Or is it considered illegal to do so?
Also, is it possible to apply processes like DBE to only sky?

An example photo taken last weekend is here.

Thanks and Regards,

Image Processing Challenges / Help needed to process this image
« on: 2014 January 26 17:41:31 »
Hello Everyone,

Two nights ago, I captured this data through a Canon 450D and a 55-250mm lens.
Target is M42 and horse head.

8 frames of 600sec @ iso 1600, calibrated with 20 dark, 20 bias and 20 flat frames.

Can someone please help me process this one?

Thanks and Regards,

General / Help needed with image integration
« on: 2013 May 02 10:52:58 »
Hello All,
I'm a newbie. This is my first post on this forum. Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials and tips. I have learned a lot through them.

I have a problem with "ImageIntegration" of DSLR images. Can you all please help me out?

I took a few meteor photos with canon 450d dslr on "Geminids" day. I tried to integrate them using Maximum function of ImageIntegration tool.

I got a resultant FITS image. When I open it, it opens three images.
1. Light_Binning_1_rejection_High --> This photo has all the meteors
2. Light_Binning_1_Rejection_Low --> This photo has some foreground (lamp post)
3. Light_Binning_1 --> This one has all the stars and the milky way.

I want to combine 1 and 3 and make a photo with the stars and the meteors in one photo.
I have attached the screenshot with the post.

Can you please help me out with this?

Thanks and Regards,

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