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Wish List / Tool Documentation not Available
« on: 2015 January 23 11:36:54 »
In Process Explorer there are a large number of processes which do not have any reference documentation associated with them and simply say "Tool Documentation not Available" when you click on them.
This is not very helpful for newbies (and others !) who are trying to find out what features are available and which process might be useful for a particular image.
I appreciate that writing comprehensive procedure documents must be very time consuming.

It would, however, really help if a brief description of what the tool is intended to be used for was added to each of the processes which would then encourage people to investigate the tool further. This would help to reduce the steepness of the learning curve.



General / Calibration Problem
« on: 2012 September 16 11:22:19 »
I hope someone can help me
I've just started using Pixinsight 1.7 and am having a bit of a problem
When I tried to calibrate images of NGC6888 with Darks, Bias & Flat frames the resulting image only had the very brightest stars visible even when viewed with Screen Transfer Function. See the 4th image attached below.
I experimented on a single image and found that if I just used one uncalibrated flat all of the stars and nebula were still visible – although vignetting worse than for the uncalibrated light –and if I used a single calibrated flat only the brightest stars were visible and vignetting even worse – all of the above when viewed with STF.
I've attached a screen shot to show you what I mean.

Top left is a single uncalibrated light
Top right is a light with an uncalibrated flat
Bottom right is an uncalibrated flat
Bottom right is a calibrated flat

I tried again using the Batch Preprocessing script and it terminated with an error message as below.

When I looked at the output images they were also generally as for my single image attempt.

Thanks in anticipation


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