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General / Toolbar customization
« on: 2015 January 07 10:09:53 »
I apologize if this has been discussed before, anyway I couldn't find anything by searching.

Currently I have switched on most of the toolbars, but I don't ever use many of the icons. The toolbars consume real estate on the Screen and I would like to reduce them. Is there a way to customize them? I mean is it possible to drop not needed icons from toolbars?


Bug Reports / PI 1.7.4 Problem during calibration
« on: 2012 January 10 10:12:09 »

I appologize for taking your time. After installing 1.7.4 I have run into problems during calibration of my DSLR images. It seems when I add the bias calibration the calibrated image looks like being posterized (when auto stretched with STF). My bias, dark and flat images look quite as usual if I stretch them, also the subs look fine before calibrating them. I am attaching a screenshot that shows my Workspace.

I have converted my RAWs to FITS using 'Create RAW Bayer CFA...' producing mono images, but I have similar results when using 'Create RAW Bayer', the only difference is that they are colored  :).

I am not sure if the problem happens because I did not back up my settings before installing 1.7.4 or if it is inherent to the new version. I currently have running on a Windows x64 machine. Any help will be much appreciated.

Tahir Saban

Gallery / NGC 6726
« on: 2011 October 26 12:47:28 »

Probably my first message here. I started to use PI in May I am very happy with the software. I would like to share with you my recent NGC 6726 taken in La Palma. Unfortunately I had only 40 minutes of exposure, taken with aCanon 350D at iso 1600. Scope was a Takahashi FSQ 106ED.

Clear skies!
Tahir Saban

Off-topic / Artifacts after DSLR Workflow
« on: 2011 August 28 14:04:35 »

I managed to process my recent DSLR subs exactly (I hope so) according to the guidelines found in and the video tutorials (normalization: additive+scaling, rejection1: Linear fit clipping,... as in the example). The stars seem to be stacked quite nicely but I see some artifacts when auto stretch the image with the screen transfer function in low s/n areas as can be seen below:

Interestingly I don't get these (in PixInsight with the screen transfer function) when I use ImagesPlus fro the calibration and stacking.

One fact: The subs are far from being perfect, they show quite a variation in background brightness.

Does anyone have a hint what I did wrong?


Tahir Saban

General / Star Elimination
« on: 2011 August 21 06:50:35 »

This is my first posting here.

After using PixInsight LE for some years I have converted to version 1.7 after the CEDIC 2011 conference. I am still learning how to use this great tool.

I wonder if there is a way to eliminate stars from an image?

I would appreciate any tips from you experienced guys.

Tahir Saban

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