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General / PixInsight keeps crashing
« on: 2009 December 30 02:02:07 »

after a long period of absence I installed the current version of PixInsight from the scratch (on Windows XP SP3, 32bit).

Actually, I am working on a 32bit float grayscale TIFF image of the moon. But whenever I apply some (in fact: any) changes on the image the application vanishes completely. No error message, no log, nothing. It's gone.

Of course, I reset the configuration on the first start. The application starts just fine. Also the dialogs come up. But on Apply it's gone.


Any ideas about what happens?

With best regards,

Off-topic / Release date?
« on: 2007 June 27 06:22:18 »

are there any news about the release date?

I am dreaming of an application that can be used un-connected to the net with an automatic update service (get and install updates on-the-fly while running PixInsight). When will this be going to be reality?

With best regards,

Wish List / Deblooming and removing microlense artifacts
« on: 2006 September 28 01:42:05 »

when talking about image processing with other people it looks like that the most annoying thing are blooming and microlense artifacts.

My special wish is a highly sophisticated and efficient filter for removing those image artifacts.

Thanks and best regards,

General / When?!?
« on: 2006 September 28 01:17:03 »

I wonder when PixInsight 1.0 gets to be released.  When can I order it? What about a preorder?


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