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Wish List / Adjustable mask while its active
« on: 2014 November 02 15:54:39 »
Hello All,

This feature may have been suggested in another post or indeed already available and I don't know about it.

What I would find useful is the ability to alter a mask either by increasing or decreasing its intensity while its being applied to an image in let's say one of the noise reduction routines.

What I mean is if a mask is set up and applied to an image prior to noise reduction then you could go back to the mask and tweak it if required then re-apply the noise reduction command.

This functionality may exist if it does then can some kind soul point me to how it's done.



General / FIT file from Starlight Xpress Oculus Sky Camera
« on: 2014 June 22 09:24:14 »
Hello Group,

I have recently obtained one of these camera's and it produces a FIT file that Maxim DL can load and display.
But when I load it into Pixinsight and use the screen transfer function nothing is displayed within the image.
The only thing that seems to happen is the image goes from a grey rectangle to a white one.
I have tried manually playing with the histogram but cannot get anything from this FITS file.

Anyone with any idea's

I wanted to load and hopefully use the annotation function to its full potential.

Thanks for reading this

Regards All


Further experimentation by loading into Maxim DL and saving out FITS file under a different name and subsequently loaded into Pixinsight
gives the following:-

*** PCL Exception: PCL FITS Format Support: Unable to open FITS file:
CFITSIO error message stack:
01 : Extension doesn't start with SIMPLE or XTENSION keyword. (ffrhdu)
02 : SIMPLE?=?T/°BITPIX?=?16/°NAXIS?=?2/°NAXIS1?=?1392/°NAXIS2?=?1040/°OBJECT?=
03 : ffopen could not interpret primary array header of file:
04 : /Users/me/Desktop/
05 : This does not look like a FITS file.

Hello All,

I have just bought the digital download of Warrens second series of Pixinsight.
It's been very good to follow these during the roll out of the different parts.
My question is how others who have brought the digital download have implemented it onto their iPad.

I have downloaded the file and been able to view the separate parts within a viewer app on the iPad.
But I only copied the mp4 files over.

Anyone else transferred their digital download across
How are you viewing it and what about the extra bits in the separate sections - how have you sorted them.

I am interested if there is some way other than copy the mp4 and that's that.


General / FITS File header & Image Solving
« on: 2014 February 15 13:23:35 »
Hello All,

This problem may be discussed in another post within this forum - if it is I apologise for this repeat.

I capture my images using Maxim DL and process using Pixinsight.
The script BPP works well for me and gives very good results.

When I use the script image solver it fails.
And so I cannot Annotate Image.

With the file view FITS Header it does not contain the RA and Dec for some strange reason.
Now if I stack in Maxim and save the output file and take into Pixinsight the script image solver works and subsequently the Annotate image works

I am a little confused by this - anyone any ideas



General / Pixinsight Noise Reduction Routines
« on: 2013 April 15 23:42:57 »
Hello All,

Just a question for all you experienced users.

Out of the routines within Pixinsight what should be the one I should be using?
Is it ATroisWavelets or ACDNR or something else.
Both seem to work but I would like your opinion.
If one is better dealing with a particular type of noise perhaps some kind user could post a picture to show why they picked what command to deal with the issue of noise within the image.

Or if this is covered some ware  can you point me in the direction of the info

Many thanks for your time



General / Fits header problem when using calibration script
« on: 2013 January 06 10:18:57 »
Hello All,

I have been taking a lot of calibration files whilst the weather has been poor.
To do this I use Maxim DL and a sky flats plug in.
When I use the script to calibrate my images in Pixinsight  I get a notice coming up when I click the check box in the script to check everything is ok. This box says I don't have the filter or the binning right for the light frame I am calibrating.
If I open within Pixinsight the flat and manually edit the fits header and save it, it works as it should within Pixinsight.
I know the problem is not with Pixinsight but having to go and open all my flats and ammend the values will be tedious. Is there a quicker way or is there a later version of the script which will overcome the problem. I seem to remember is v1.22.
As I say it's not a Pixinsight problem but anyone have a slick way of editing the fits header.

I will email the author of the maxim DL plugin as well to inform him of the problem.

Thanks in advance

Martin Farmer

General / Pixinsight on a MacBook
« on: 2012 September 30 14:43:05 »
Hello All,

One thing I am getting frustrated with is when I open an image and move the mouse on the mac the image zooms in to a very high magnification.
It does this on its own - are there any one else having the same problem or is there a fix for this.

Thanks for reading this



General / Batch Processing Script
« on: 2012 September 30 14:38:41 »
Hello All,

I have been lurking around the forum for quite a while now and now it's time to get on with learning Pixinsight.
Tonight I have been trying out the batch pre process script and it all went well until I tested out the script and it said the flats had not been taken using the filter (Ha) so it would not fully work.  But clicking continue it went on and produced calibrated files in the correct directories, but my question is where is my final stacked image from this or do I use another command to stack the calibrated frames.

Thanks in advance
Sorry if this post is in the wrong section of the forum.



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