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General / Blink Movie on Mac
« on: 2016 September 28 16:58:00 »

When ever I try to create a movie from a Blink sequence I receive an error "external process failed to start"

I have ffmpeg installed via Homebrew.

Any ideas?


General / suggestions for computer optimization
« on: 2016 September 08 17:39:18 »
Hi, I've noticed that Pixinsight runs kina sluggish on my iMac 5k 27 inch retina late 2015 under El Capitan.  This is the 3.3 MHz intel core i5 system and it has 64gb of Ram.  I really thought pixinsight would fly on this system but even launching the program takes a good while for everything to load and startup.

I have read about creating swap disks in the Windows environment but not sure if anything is possible under the mac environment.  Any suggestions for optimizing my setup?

Thanks for any help!

General / Local support preview in TGV
« on: 2015 December 02 07:08:13 »
Hi, quick question regarding the preview button in local support for TGV denoise.

I am on a Mac OS X system running the most recent Pixinsight version.  When I use TGV de-noise and turn on local support and then preview....what is supposed to happen?  I see nothing changing when I adjust the sliders for midpoint, shadows, etc....


Hi, I have always used BPP with my DSLR images and simply used Master Darks and a superbias from my library.

I have just acquired a QSI 683 camera.  I had created some master Darks, and a Super bias for my library.

Today when I went to use BPP with some subs of M33 that I shot last night I am getting an error stating that it cannot find a Master Dark of time 300s....

The master Dark is in the correct panel and I have master checked.  It also warned me about the master dark not matching the Flat frames.  I have never worried about shooting darks for flats....simply relying on my Master Bias.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?


Gallery / IC410 and IC417 in Narrowband
« on: 2015 June 06 18:00:49 »
110 minutes of HA, 180 minutes of SII, and 200 minutes of OIII shot with a full spectrum Canon T3i.  Williams Optics 66mm Zenithstar Semi-APO.  Modified Hubble Palette.
Thanks for looking!

Hi I'd like to share my recent processing workflow for a wide field image of M106.  I was having trouble using DBE in terms of noise.  I chose a slightly un-orthodox approach, employing DBE in the Non-linear state which gave me much better results.

Thanks for looking.

General / Help me understand what I'm doing wrong with DBE
« on: 2015 February 16 20:13:59 »
Hi everyone.  I've encountered a strange problem when applying DBE to a recent image I acquired with my new camera.  It is a wide field view of M106 area.  The calibrated-integrated image created in pixinsight looks very smooth with little noise when applying an unlinked STF, it does however have a bad gradient due to the horizon light pollution.  After performing a DBE and re-applying the STF now linked I have this very noisy and color blotched image.  I have tried few and many samples, varied the sample size, played with the tolerance, etc....the end result is a very noisy image.  I have not processed further as I want to get some feedback and thoughts on what might be causing this.  My experience with DBE in the past few years has never resulted in such a dramatic change in my image.  I am not sure what is going on.

Here is a screenshot of my workspace.  You can see the baseline image with STF on the left, to the right is a clone that has been set up for DBE, on the bottom are the resulting background and post-DBE image after applying an STF linked.

Here is a link to my dropbox with the XISF baseline file if anyone wants to play with it.

thanks for any input.

General / question about flats...
« on: 2015 January 24 08:04:50 »
Hi all I am curious as to why my master flats are so extremely dark.  They cannot be evaluated without doing an STF.  The raw values from the camera are in the 7000 ADU range which is appropriate for a Canon T3i 14 bit camera.  The Master flat after Bias Calibration and Integration manually or through the BPP script has values in the 500-700 range.  I am not sure this leads to any issues with processing but I am curious as what is happening to cause this?

Thanks for any insights

Bug Reports / Flats
« on: 2015 January 23 18:07:22 »
Hi all
Ive been having trouble with my flats created by the BPP script.  The masters are essentially black unless I do a STF on them.....I went ahead and created a Master Flat the old manual method as per Vincent's tutorial.  I used calibration tool to calibrate the .cr2 files with my superbias and the proceeded to integrate.  I did not debayer yet the Master has color???  Any ideas?


The images can be seen in the folder called pixinsight on my dropbox:

General / Frame adaptation or not
« on: 2014 November 22 13:25:20 »
Hi everyone....

I've been slowly collecting exposure on VDB 141 for over a month as the clouds allow. I have about 24 hours of datA....
Most of the data was shot as ISO 800 x 10 minute subs. I have about 7 hours worth at ISO 1600 also 10 minute subs....

Question...since these were all shot in differing nights and different ISO should I use frame adaptation during registration?


General / DSLR NB Pre Processing Work Flow
« on: 2014 November 12 20:11:43 »
Hi everyone, I have read a variety of posts and other information on this issue with no conclusive opinion.  I have adopted this workflow for my Ha images obtained with a modified DSLR and Clipin Filter.  I am looking for some insights and general comments on this work flow.

1. Calibrate Ha raw files with a Master Bias, Master Dark, and Master Flat.

-one question that seems to come up regarding step 1:  Should the raw Ha files be calibrated as above in the usual fashion or should one use Split CFA and calibrate the Red channel from the Ha sub with only the Red channel from a bias, dark, and flat?

2. Debayer Calibrated Ha Subs with super pixel method and extract only the Red channels with channel extraction.

-will this provide the same result as using split CFA on the calibrated Ha Subs and then using CFA0?

3. Star Align and Integrate and proceed with processing.

Further, when one is shooting OIII subs in which both the blue and green pixels will have useful information:

Does one use split CFA to isolate the two greens and one blue channel and then combine them using channel combination and then proceed to align and integrate, or is it proper to just integrate them all together as separate blue and green channels?

Alternatively, instead of using split CFA can one debayer using super pixel then extract the blue and green channels and then proceed as above with either recombining the B and G together or just integrating them all as if they were the same?

Lastly, is there a tool that only extracts and discards lets say the Red channel and leaves you with a combined GB channel?

Thank you for looking!

General / Nebulosity Fits Geometry issue
« on: 2014 October 31 16:29:41 »
Hi, I captured some images the other night with Nebulosity.  I brought them into pixinsight for batch preprocessing.  When it attempts to calibrate the Light frames with a superbias I had previously made in Pixinsight I get an error stating "incompatible image geometry"

I think it has to do with the way Nebulosity saves the FITS header but I am not sure what to do.  Anyone have any ideas?

General / Transperancy
« on: 2014 October 23 18:28:13 »

I've seen on tutorials that if you keep the top bar of an image clicked and hold it over a similar sized image that it is supposed to be transparent such as when comparing a DBE model or star mask to the original image.

Is there some setting somewhere that allows this?  I am running the most recent Pixinsight on a mac with OS 10.9 and this transparency function does not work.


General / Using a masterdark in BPP script
« on: 2014 October 03 04:34:39 »
Hi...I have various master darks in my library which I previously created the old manual way  (integration after master bias calibration). I also used to make a version without master bias calibration.

So in the BPP script which should I use....does the script detect master darks that have been bias calibrated or will it subtract the bias again?


General / Binned Bias Frame? for Binned Flat Frame calibration
« on: 2014 September 28 06:39:16 »
Hi, wondering if someone can clear something up for me.  I have previously created some superbias frames for my ST-7 camera.  I was imaging LRGB and obtained 2x2 binned RGB light frames and took 2x2 binned Flats for each filter.  I just realized my Super Bias Frame which I wish to calibrate the Flats with was taken at 1x1 binning mode.

Is this an issue?  Should I have 2x2 binned Bias frame to calibrate my Flats?


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