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Announcements / A forum dedicated to Astro Imaging
« on: 2012 December 21 05:54:17 »
The 'Progressive Astro Imaging Group'  (PAIG) is a forum dedicated to astro-imaging, and as far as we are aware, the only forum that truly specialises in astro-imaging.

A completely independent forum, not tied to any sponsor, or commercial advertising. A forum provided by astro-imagers, for astro-imagers.

A forum where the culture is one of constructive criticism, as opposed to meaningless 'mutual back-patting'.

Many of our members, including myself, are PixInsight users, and Harry Page is a valued member of our 'support team' (we don't have, or need moderators).

If you would like a preview of what we are all about, you can do so at:

Please note that guest visitors cannot not view the full content of the 'board', and can only see a restricted view.


P.S. If this 'post' is considered inappropriate for the PixInsight 'Board', then please delete it.

General / PI will not accept my Activation Code
« on: 2012 March 03 04:57:39 »
I have PI installed on my main PC, no problem.

Today however, I tried to install it on my laptop, so that I can take the software to demonstrate it at my 'local group' meeting tomorrow.

I logged into the PI website, and downloaded a fresh copy of the Win 64 package, then installed it without problem.

When I try to activate it using my 'User Identifier' and 'Activation Code', the server rejects it as an 'invalid activation code'

I checked the code entered, double checked it, treble checked it , and tried multiple times to activate it, without success.

I have even tried changing the 1 for I, and the I for 1, but still no joy.


Bug Reports / Bug Fix Not Working?
« on: 2012 February 07 13:15:25 »
I have today downloaded and installed the latest release of PI, which I understood corrected the 'Process Explorer/Documentation' window overlap.

I am still seeing half to the process Icons text, cut-off by the documenation half of the window (see attached screen dump).

Am running Win 7 64bit Home Premium.


General / Processing Console
« on: 2011 December 03 06:42:45 »
Is there a way of preventing that irritating Processing Console window, from appearing when PI is opened.

I have prevented the PI 'splash screen' from appearing, but cannot find way of preventing the Processing Console from doing so.

Maybe I'm not 'seeing the wood, for the trees', but I cannot see what purpose it's appearance serves, other than to irritate.


General / Can't activate V7 64Bit
« on: 2011 June 11 15:50:39 »
I have just bought a new i7 CPU based PC, with Win7 64bit installed.

I logged on to the PI download site, and downloaded the 64bit Win 7 version of PI V7.

However, when I enter my 'user identifier' and Windows OS 'activation code (as I used on my Win XP 32bit PC) the PI server rejects it, and hence I can't activate the software. ???

I'm guessing that perhaps I need a different 'activation code' for the 64bit version?


General / An irritating feature
« on: 2010 November 22 12:23:46 »
Now that I have become a 'paying customer'  ;), I feel that I can have a little whinge about an annoying feature of PI's GUI.

When 'shortcuts' are shown in the left-hand margin, their function 'opens' as soon as the mouse icon touches them. When working on the desk top, it is very easy to let the mouse icon stray into the margin, and thus open up applications when not wanted. This becomes quite annoying after the first few times.

To overcome this, I have closed down all of the margin icons, and have resorted to opening applications from the 'tool bar' menus.

If there was an option whereby you coluld 'click' on the icons in the margin in order for them to open the relevant application, it would allow the convenience of having the 'shortcuts' for the frequently used applications showing in the desktop margin, but without having them act like 'pop-ups', everytime the mouse touches them.

I gave a demo of PI basics at an astro-imagers club meeting last night, and those present, saw how irritating this feature can be.

I guess there will be many people that like it the way it is, but if we could have an option, whereby we could choose to 'click' on the short-cut to open the application if preferred, then it would be great. 8)


Off-topic / PixInsight Purchase?
« on: 2010 November 14 07:40:57 »
As my trial period had expired, today I purchased (on-line) a commercial licence.

The payment (171 Euros) went through, but no details for the download, or licence have been received via e-mail.

Is there normally a delay?, as when I usually purchase downloadable software on-line, the download information and licence number are retuned almost immediately  ???



General / An explanation of the 'structure elements' in MT please
« on: 2010 October 04 05:58:29 »
With the MT process there are a wide variety of size options to choose from, with each size increase inlcluding more elements.

I am assuming that the 'elements' are pixels. However, for example, with size 7, 49 elements are included, whereas the star circular option) comprises only seven of these 49 elements.

What is the relationship between the total number of elements included, and those apparently chosen for the star by the software?


Off-topic / Pixinsight Workflow
« on: 2010 October 02 07:52:21 »
Over the years I have adopted a pretty standard workflow for my image processing, starting at calibration through to the final image.

This of course has not been with Pixinsight (PI).

PI introduces some new processes to this worflow, such a DBE, and I would be interested to know what you find is your typical workflow when using PI.

For example, at what stage do you apply DBE, and unsharp masking etc?


General / How do I 'Hide' the Processing Console?
« on: 2010 September 26 15:43:06 »
Is there a way to prevent the Processing Console launching when the program is opened, and each time a process is actioned?

A personal preference yes, but the 'hour glass' icon would be enough to indicate that processing is being carried out, without the processing console appearing on the screen every time.

Also, I inadvertantly 'clicked' on the expand icon in the processing control window. How do I return it to it's unexpanded form, as none of the Icons in it's 'window' will do this?



General / DBE question
« on: 2010 September 25 08:14:21 »
Sorry guys, but yet another question.

I have an image open, I open the DBE window, generate a DBE image, adjust it with the HST, until I have pleasing image.

On the desk top, I now have two images, the original with the background 'markers' still in place, and the new DBE enhanced image.

How do I apply the new DBE enhanced to the original image?

I have tried making the original image 'active' and apply the DBE from the DBE window. Also tried dragging the DBE image onto the original, where it then appears as a red mask, but from there on, I can't do anything sensible with it.  ???


General / Star Mask question
« on: 2010 September 25 04:14:21 »
Having created a star mask, applied Morph Trans to reduce star size, and then applied the mask to the image, how do I 'flatten' (PS terminology, sorry) the image, to include the new star layer, and delete the mask.


General / First question
« on: 2010 September 24 11:10:34 »
Hi Guys

Ok here's my first question ???

I open an image (FITS), I select the STF function, click on 'auto' and I now have a viewable image to work with. So far so good  :)

Select 'histogram transformation' and the relevant 'window' opens. However, the histogarm of the 'active' image does not appear, and as such adjusting the curve or the slider has no effect on the image. 'Clicked' 'reset', 'track view' and also tried 'real time preview, but still no histogram  ???

I'm clearly not 'seeing the wood for the trees' here, so apologies for that, but thought it quicker to ask than to continue 'poking and hoping'.

I'll also ask a pre-emptive question, as without a histogram I can't yet see for myself. The question is, can I put 'anchor points' on the curve, as I do in PS ?.

Thanks in advance.


Off-topic / Hi
« on: 2010 September 24 04:07:53 »

I'm Dave, and the 'new boy on your Block'.

I have been astro-imaging for about 8 years now, and have a small observatory located in South Suffolk, UK. You can see this on my website at:

My reason for joining this forum is that on the dedicated astro-imaging forum ( ) that I co-admin, we have been having some in-depth discussion on the relative merits of Pixinsight (PI) and Photoshop (PS), and some example images  'posted' indicated that some of the process algorithms in PI may produce better results on astro images than does PS.

Always looking for ways of improving my images, I have downloaded PI on a trial licence, in order to see if it will extract more from my images.

I only downloaded PI yesterday, and my first impressions were that it's user interface and method of operation is very different to other processing software that I have used. I guess that because I'm used other processing software, I find that PI cannot be used intuitively, but needs to be learnt from the 'bottom up'.

This learning process is, in my opinion, severely hampered by the lack of any real documentation (user manual).

The video tutorials are helpful, but not the same as having a written user guide to hand when working with the software as a new user.

That said, I believe that PI has some real benefits to offer, and I will attempt to ‘get to grips’ with it during the 29 day of the trial I have left. If I like it, then I will buy it.

Fortunately, one of your Pixinsight Gurus is a member of the forum mentioned above, and has already been very helpful.

I will no doubt be ‘picking your brains’ over the next month, and look forward to exchanging ‘posts’ with you.



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