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General / Documentation on Process Containers
« on: 2018 February 18 21:22:11 »
I'd like to use Process Containers but have found absolutely no documentation on how to use them. Can someone point me to any documentation how to use Process Containers?

Bug Reports / Star Alignment Bug?
« on: 2018 February 16 22:06:26 »
I'm trying to combine raw images from February-March 2015 with raw images that I collected recently with PI 1.8.5 ( on Win7 64bit.  When I use the Star Alignment Process to register the 2015 images with the reference image from 2018, it results in all the 2015 images being vertically mirrored instead of actually registered with the reference image.    Surely people want to combine new raw images with other raw images from a few years ago.  Is there a work-around to get Star Alignment to register old raw images properly?  (I'm trying to register the old files which are .xisf the new reference).

Using a Master Dark, Cosmetic Correction "Enable Threshold" does nothing down to 0 threshold where it just adds noise.
Worked fine in all previous releases.
Fortunately "Use Auto Detect" seems to work, so I don't have to reinstall the previous release but can this be fixed?

I found that saving .xisf files as .fits files (latest PI release) will not let TheSkyX (10.3) correctly open them for "image link".  The files open up but there is nothing visible in them and Image Link consequently cannot plate solve them.  There appears to be something nonstandard about the FITS files that PI is generating this way.

For some reason, when I save a file I've been working on, half the time the identifier on the file window is no longer updated on the right side of the slash / with the name I've given to the saved files.   On other files, it still does update the identifier of the file window, as it always did before, with the file name that I assigned to it.  I have no idea why it still works for some files on my workspace but not others.  It is very annoying, however, because then you have to rely on memory for which files you have given your own names to. But most of the time now this happens when I try to save files on my workshop and the name I give them no longer is put into the identifier field.  I have to then change the identifier (on the left side of the slash/) manually, instead of having the identifier on the right side of the slash update automatically with the saved file name.  Please bring back the automatic updating of the identifier.

I just purchased a new camera which has some new noise patterns that I didn't have to deal with using an KAF-8300 chip.  Namely it has some kind of fixed pattern noise (FPN) in the darks and there may be RBI.    My ML-8300 darks had almost purely random noise (plus hot pixels) in them and I used the BatchPreProcessing script for calibration. I presume (haven't yet confirmed) that the FPN will be in the lights also and should calibrate out through dark subtraction, but I am really wondering about RBI.   Can some one who uses a camera with these issues tell me whether he is able to use BatchPreProcessing script for successfully dealing with these new effects for me?   Or, do I have to go back to the old days of tedius manual calibration?   That would probably be a big factor on keeping the camera as I didn't expect with this particular camera to have to deal with RBI.
Thanks very much.

Gallery / NGC2903 Barred Spiral
« on: 2016 February 16 13:33:14 »
Managed to get an image in this uncooperative winter and post it here since it is truely 100% PI (95% more usual for me).  If conditions permit, I plan to get more data this next cycle and add some Ha to this 6.9hr LRGB from 2/6/16 at D.A.R.C. Observatory, Mercey Hot Springs, CA.

NGC2903 barred spiral galaxy in Leo about 20 MLY away and slightly smaller than the Milky Way.
Thanks for looking.

APM LZOS 130/780 f/6 LW CNC II 130mm APO
W.O. 132/110 FLT FF
Takahashi EM-200 Temma2
FLI Microline ML-8300
Astrodon E Gen2 LRGB, 5nm Ha filters
Orion Deluxe 50mm MiniGuider + SSAG
TheSkyX, PixInsight 1.8,

Bug Reports / Problem with 1190?
« on: 2015 November 21 11:12:50 »
   I seem to be having a number of problems with PI-windows-x86_64-, newly loaded on my Win7 64b machine.  The last of which was that it just spontaneously rebooted my machine while trying to use it with lots of icons on the workspace!!  Prior to that, I had two LRGB Combination operations to create RGB's that, when I examined the components after the images came out quite strange, had identical components (R and G in one case, G and B in the other case).  It didn't occur a third time, but I've  never made that kind of cockpit error before, much less twice in one session.  It seems to me that 1190 has some problems with Win64 also.  I don't see other people reporting problems with it here but I went back to v1123, which is still posted on the distribution site and, so far, haven't had further problems.

P.S. I was working on a large project that had been created in my previous version Ripley (x64), if that has any relevance.

General / Upgrade Question
« on: 2015 November 16 20:42:46 »
Hi, guess I should pay more attention but I have v Ripley (x64) and no longer get notices of automatic upgrades. How do I get back on the right path?

General / How to set default for TIF files
« on: 2015 August 14 16:45:09 »
Hi, I'm using BatchProcessing to calibrate 75 frames of DLSR data for a major panorama but when I select .tif as the output format, BatchProcessing writes 32-bit floating point tif files instead of 16bit integer.  Apparently Microsoft ICE for generating the panorama, can't read these floating point tif files.  Global preferences doesn't show a way to choose a default tif format.  Am I missing this or can that be selected in the BatchProcessing script?

General / More Bias Frames makes things worse
« on: 2015 March 15 21:51:33 »
I've always used just 10 bias frames and 10 dark frames.  However, I had believed that more bias frames and/or more dark frames should give improved results. However, when I actually did an experiment to test that, I found the exact opposite.  Maybe someone can explain this. 

As the image quality metric, I use the NoiseEvaluation and FWHMEccentricity scripts to generate sigmaN, FWHM(px) and Eccentricity of the 16-frame stacked image that results from the Batch PreProcessing script (in all cases I use the same 10 flats and 16 lights) with the following results for different numbers of bias and dark frames.

10 bias and 10 darks  from July 2014:   signmaN=1.675E-4, FWHM=2.184px, Ecc=0.3367
30 bias and 41 darks  from Mar 2015:                  1.798E-4,             2.201px,         0.3964
30 bias and 10 darks     "         "                           1.742E-4,             2.204px,         0.3969
10 bias and 10 darks     "         "                           1.657E-4,             2.181px,         0.3365

Thus I find using 10 bias rather than 30 bias (or 15 bias, not shown here) came out always better by these metrics even if I used year-old biases and darks instead of brand new ones, while the number of dark frames made no difference once I had 10. 
I'd sure like to understand this.  The camera is an FLI ML-8300 cooled to -30C.   Blinking the bias frames doesn't show any anomalous ones.


Gallery / Lynds Bright Nebula LBN777 and Bernard 207
« on: 2015 January 05 11:37:25 »
I guess as an experiment, here is a pure PixInsight version of a recent image (10.7hr LRGB) of LBN777 and B207:

I haven't posted here under the gallery purity rules since I normally do a few final touches in that other program, but decided to give it a try for once. 
Clear skies,

Bug Reports / New release won't install
« on: 2014 November 18 20:15:26 »
I downloaded but it won't install on my desktop Win64 machine.  I get
"error opening file for writing
Program Files\PixInsight\bin\Annotation-pxm.dll
until I aborted the installation.
Redownloading the same file, running it as administrator, and running it under an admin account all gave exactly the same result.
The bin file is marked 'read only' but so is the same file on my field Win64 laptop and this same release installed fine there.
Any ideas?  My desktop is where I need to work.

P.S. I went back and tried to reinstall the previous version that was installed and working fine (PI-windows-x86_64- but now the installation of that version is giving me the identical error now as I got above.

P.S.S.  AFTER REBOOTING THE SYSTEM, THE INSTALLATION WORKED FINE.  Could not remove the post because it is first one in new topic but I think the moderator can remove it.

Gallery / Deep m78
« on: 2014 February 11 14:10:55 »
Here's a pretty deep m78 LRGB from a dark site:

Thanks for looking.


Gallery / M31 HaLRGB Mosaic
« on: 2014 January 18 09:38:26 »
Haven't posted here in a while. Here's an M31 2x2 mosaic 18.4hr HaLRGB that took me the last 3 months.
Grateful for Georg's help on learning how to use the terrific GMM process.


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