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New Scripts and Modules / Gaia Catalogue
« on: 2017 February 14 08:07:42 »
Is there a plan to include the gaia catalogue into
the Render/Annotate script ?

Yours franziii

We have installed Win 7 Prof and Framework.NET 4.5.1
We have installed the latest PI 1.8 1087
We have installed the latest PCL version
we produced the projectfile with Script Makefile
using this parameter:

Makefile runs without errormessages

If we compile projectfile Sandbox.vcxproj with
MS VisualStudio 2012 we get the compile o.k for all modules
BUT we afterwards get the LINK-error messages:

Fehler   1   error LNK2038: Konflikt ermittelt für "_MSC_VER": Der Wert "1600" stimmt nicht mit dem Wert "1700" in SandboxInstance.obj überein.   C:\PCL\src\modules\processes\Sandbox\windows\vc11\PCL-pxi.lib(Console.obj)   Sandbox

it seems PCL-pxi.lib is compiled with an older compiler version?

Franz, Manfred and Gerald  :o

Gallery / Widefield Cocoon - Reprocessing with PixInsight
« on: 2014 January 31 08:36:13 »
Dear Friends !

I tried zu reprocess my wide-field "Cocoon", from year 2008,  made with a 300 mm Canon Lens f /2.8 and SBIG Monochrom 11K.
To my surprise, Deconvolution  was possible despite the very short focal length.  Exposure time :  R,G,B  6x7 min each Channel.

my Homepage:

Clear Skies, Fiii

Gallery / H & Chi Processed with PI using Deconvolution
« on: 2014 January 31 08:12:39 »
Hello Pi Fans!
H & Chi Processing using Deconvolution in PI
Data from Hartmut Bornemann Germany.

Comments welcome

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