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General / PixInsight Magazine (Is it time?)
« on: 2019 March 06 07:21:43 »
I came across my copy of PixInsight Magazine while searching through my hard drive and remembered how much I enjoyed it. I searched to see if there were newer issues available and came across this thread.

I'd say that PixInsight's time has come! Has there been any thought to restarting the publication? There are multiple books published, commercial video tutorials produced, somebody's making
money. I'd dare say that PixInsight is the preferred astroimaging processing package. Maybe the venders would be a little  more awake now! I especially think Juan's comment here is right on target....

"Our intention with this magazine was, besides a communication means for the PI community, to start a professional-level periodic publication specialized in image processing, software development and observational techniques for astrophotography."

I'd be more than happy to pay for a subscription to PixInsight Magazine.

Just a thought!


General / Pixinsight Flow Charts
« on: 2014 October 06 08:20:37 »
I saw in an email of an upcoming Pixinsight workshop an image of what looked
like a four panel flowchart for processing images. Is it possible for me to get a
copy (or a link to) those flow charts?

I'm new to Pixinsight and need all the help I can get!


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