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Bug Reports / SubframeSelector save PDF - the output is cropped
« on: 2019 March 04 04:17:58 »
When a Measurement Graph is saved as a PDF the resultant PDF only shows a cropped version of the graph in the measurements window.
I have tried this on my Linux Xubuntu desktop and win10 laptop, both use different PDF display programmes and the incorrect results are the same.


I have been using the star alignment data in the process console to characterise the periodic error in the worm and wheel assembly in my mount.
However the data generated in the console window is not in the same sequance as the image order as correctly displayed in the star alignment process window.
My images are ordered by file name.
I have tried prefixing my files with 01,02 etc but this does not help.
If I try a different set of files the same problem occurs, but different files are processed out of sequence.
I am running PI on Xubuntu 18.04
Here is a console output that shows files not being loaded in sequence:-

Loading reference image
Registration of 11 target files.
* Using 10 worker threads.
[000] IMG_3502.CR2
[001] IMG_3503.CR2
[002] IMG_3504.CR2
[003] IMG_3505.CR2
[004] IMG_3506.CR2
[005] IMG_3507.CR2
[006] IMG_3508.CR2
[007] IMG_3509.CR2
[008] IMG_3510.CR2
[009] IMG_3511.CR2
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Loading target file
Registration successful.

Is there a setting I am missing to force the order or is this a bug?

Bug Reports / PI 0651 crashes on Ubuntu 64bit
« on: 2011 January 18 15:06:56 »

I have just updated my 64bit Ubuntu 10.10 (Linux 2.6.35-23-generic) to 0651.
I simply extract all the new files to the existing PI folder (as I have done previously)
If i do a simple image histogram stretch and then simply close the image I do not get a save warning dialogue and PI crashes. I then cannot start PI by clicking on the PI icon I normally use, if I do multiple clicks PI opens up but it is instance (2)..
If I try to do the auto update it downloads after i have entered my user details and then crashes
I tried to install 0644 (I missed that version out initially) and that launches and immediately crashes.

If I revert back to 0625 PI is rock steady as usual! :D

PS I don't have any other issues with my system as far as I know


I have been using Adobe Lightroom 3.2 to convert some CR2 files to uncompressed 16bit TIFF's.
Unfortunately PI 1.6, or 1.5 will not open them.
I get this error message on both Linux and Windows versions of PI:-

TiFF Error (Filename) Tag 42034: Rational with zero denominator (num=0)

I tried converting the file in Lightroom 2.5 and PI opens the files ok, so it looks like Adobe have changed something, but
the TIFF files generated by LR3.2 will still open ok in any other image viewing/manipulation program on both my Linux Ubuntu and Windows XP machines
(I have tried quite a few on both platforms and the only one that complains is the GIMP but that is due to bit depth).

I can send you the files as required.



When selecting the Star Alignment reference image type - View or File, the file option in not shown although the drop down window expands to show View or "white space"
If a view is selected and the view is also one of the added files the Alignment routine fails eventually. So you cannot align all your image files unlike the windows version.

Tony Morris


After having out of memory problems using 32bit XP & HDRWavelet transforms, I have built a Ubuntu 64bit system with 6Gb memory.
PI 1.5 runs really well but I have one slight problem. Pixinsight - Open Image Files - cannot see my USB drives only My computer and directories/folders????
I can drag and drop from the USB drives to the PI workspace ok and PI remembers recent USB image locations
All other installed applications can see the USB drives as expected

Any clues?

Tony M

General / ImageIntegration - file types limited to FITS
« on: 2009 June 14 16:04:19 »
Hi All

A quick question
I am using the ImageIntegration process, but the file types are limited to FITS, have I missed a setting somewhere as I want to integrate some TIFF files?
The star Alignment tool allows "All known formats" and can output different formats most of which the ImageIntegration process cannot handle!


General / HDRWaveletTransform - Out of memory message
« on: 2009 June 14 15:52:41 »
Hi Juan & Colleagues

PI 1.5.2 on Windows XP with 3Gb memory

I have been trying to process a registered and integrated image (From a Canon 5D2) w4519 h2916 150.803MB

If I apply a HDRWaveletTransform I have no problems, but if I tick the Deringing check box I get the following message:-

Applying large-scale HDRWT deringing routine:   0%
*** Error: Out of memory
Reading swap files...
603.19 MB/s
<* failed *>

If I then untick the Deringing check box all is ok again!


General / Installing PixInsight on a Ubuntu system
« on: 2008 December 21 16:38:46 »
Hi All

Can anybody give me a steer on how to install PixInsight on a Ubuntu system as the built in install manager will not handle tar.gz files?

I am new to linux



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