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General / Combining Images of Different Focal Length
« on: 2010 April 10 01:12:23 »
As a newbie I'm still in the basic stages of learning but have what may be a more advanced question.  Is it possible to combine images of different focal lengths using PI?  If so, is there a tutorial somewhere about this?  If not, how would I go about doing this?  What program WOULD allow two different focal length images to be combined into one image?

Thaxton, VA 

General / New Trial Version
« on: 2007 December 14 19:55:11 »

I just downloaded the new core application, filled out the form for activation, received the e-mail with user i.d. and activation code, copied and pasted them into the activation window and got an "invalid user i.d." error.  Did I do something wrong or is there a problem with activation?

Gary Hatfield

General / PixInsight Standard and Image Registration
« on: 2006 February 04 11:39:07 »
Hi Juan,

I was wondering if you have any new info as to the release of the commercial version of PI?  Also, I wanted to know if the new version will have an image registration process similar to Registar that will allow you to not only stack multiple images, but also register them for mosaics?
I would also be very interested in any new tutorials that you may be getting ready to release for Wavelets and SGBNR.  


General / PixInsight FITS files for AIP 4 Windows
« on: 2005 June 26 23:39:33 »
I recently purchased AIP 4 Windows and was trying to load an image saved in PixInsight.  Although I saved it as a FITS file in PI LE, AIP 4 Windows cannot open it.  Is there something I need to do or is there a specific form of FITS file I need to save it in so I can open it in AIP 4 Windows?  I know absolutely nothing about FITS files and am lost.


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