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General / Stacking two stacks using Star Alignment
« on: 2019 October 24 11:14:36 »

I have 2 sets of stacked frames that I am trying to align to obtain one stack to work with.  I used one as the reference (15 stacked frames) but added both it and the other stack (20 frames) to Target Image list.  I tried doing this both in View and File option and got the same result.  That is, one final image that appeared to be aligned with a corner black area that you would expect if the camera, for example, was tuned from one night to the next.  However, the final image says 15 registered frames.  Should it not say 35 registered frames since I am stacking two stacks of 15 + 20?

Once that is resolved, then I assume I need to use image integration- correct? Or is that for only when I have more than 2 frames or stacks?


General / Output folder in StarAlignment not saving
« on: 2019 September 11 18:11:51 »
I used StarAlignment to stack multiple stacks, which it did, but when I try to create an output folder it would not save the new stack.  The folder I created to save it in remained empty after I clicked Global Apply.  What am I doing wrong?


I am capturing stacked frames in SharpCap which I can export in fits format to post-process in PI.  Unfortunately, the files are defaulting to open in PRISM as I had downloaded that program months ago but never used.  I have no idea how to stop them from opening in PRISM and open them in PI instead.  I am also not a Windows user (a Mac user mostly) so really lost as to how to fix this.  Any help would be appreciated.


General / Stacking the stacks from SharpCap
« on: 2019 August 02 07:58:51 »
I've been exporting SC individual stacks (32 bit raw stack FITS file) into PI to do post-processing.  I now want to stack multiple stacks from SC in PI using the same OSC camera with the same settings before post-processing.  Since I've never stacked in PI, is there a specific workflow for this or simply multiple options that I need to do some trial and error to find the best approach?



I've started started teaching myself PI, thus the topic ask.  Any plans for a US Southeast region beginner workshop, perhaps around where The Mouse lives?


General / Using stacked frames from SharpCap
« on: 2019 July 20 13:15:27 »
I currently stack frames in SharpCap using a OSC camera or mono for H-alpha only.  I have been exporting them unstretched in PNG format and then opening them in PI for some post-processing.  My question is:  Would another format be better?  I can choose from TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and FITS. 

I get this warning error when I open the program.  Can someone please direct to instructions as to how to fix this?  The statement in the error message: "You can define swap file directories with the Preference process, Directories and Network section" means nothing to me.  I would have assumed that PI would automatically figure out how to handle stored images on these files. 

General / Where to begin?
« on: 2019 June 30 04:24:39 »
I just purchased PI and am just fascinated by the software and what it can do.  My initial issue is where to start despite the many tutorials, posts, books, etc., it is almost information overload.  I currently am doing OSC stacked images with a dedicated astro camera and wanted to start doing some basic clean-up of the image.  I'll eventually get to LGBR but for now just sticking with the OSC both with and without a duo NB filter.  So, can you point me to where I should start to learn the basics?

Thank you,

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