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I was unable to find a solution even though went through relevant posts so trying again. Have actually anybody who was asking this question been able to get rid of the damn starburst?

I integrated master dark using this , my exposure time (240s), gain (200), temperature (-10C) were always the same, 40 dark subs. In order to isolate the problem I did not use bias nor flats. I tried all the combinations in ImageCalibration settings. Turning off calibration and optimization only reduced the flare, didn't remove it however. I even tried non integrated flat sub with the same result. Only significant difference was final noise. The only solution I was able to find was don't use PixInsight..

thank you

This is basically the same problem is this one>

If anybody from pixinsight team wanted to have a look at this I could provide all the data.

Common guys, it's 2019 :(

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