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Wish List / Japanese language?
« on: 2019 March 02 19:39:54 »

Whether it is inappropriate to post in this corner?  Please pardon.

I am a person living in the Japanese-speaking world.
Does this Japanese version of pixinsight become possible in the future?

Thank you.


General / Risky Temporary Folder
« on: 2019 March 02 02:46:02 »
I first introduced the "trial version" and used "Risky Temporary Folder" messageAfter that, after obtaining the product version PixInsight and running the program, I did not display the warning message.

However, just in case, first create a special folder on the hard disk with the name "C: \ PixInsightSwapFiles" on the Windows PC, select Edit> Global Settings from the PixInsight main menu, In the [Directory and Network] section, select "C: \ PixInsightSwapFiles" in the [Swap storage directories] section.


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