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PCL and PJSR Development / Is StarAlignment Opensource?
« on: 2019 July 06 05:28:13 »

Real Time Stacking:

I'm using PCL to do high quality real time stacking module.  The program is mainly significantly reworking the Image Integration module to accept a single image to start, and then stack additional images on top of the image, while maintaining the statistical data on each pixel stack to allow of additional images to be added.  basically instead of processing pixel stack by pixel stack, doing image by image.

Part of this is a new interface to a small set of processes that we will use including Callibration, StarAlignment, the reworked realtime Image Intergration, and a few others, like color calibration, historgram transformation, etc.  The idea is to be able to process the images as they come off the telescope as we have seen in other products.

The one component that seems to be missing in the PCL library is star alignment.  I could get by without this but wondering if this is opensource.  If the code is available in opersource that is great, if not, can I use the compiled DLL without the pix-insight front in or is that no allow according to the license. 


I have a very stupid question but i seems to be having a challenge.  I have a list of files.  These are bias files.  Simple array of type string of paths to a number of bias files which i want to automate the intergration of.  I am having trouble adding the files along with the other items that shoudl go into the array of images for Image Intergration.  I have tried about 20 different ways.  Some seem to work but when i try and look at what is in the array images it says undefined.   thanks for your support

here is my latest attempt at the probelm.

var biasII = new ImageIntegration;

//enabled, path, drizzlePath, localNormalizationDataPath

for (let i=0;i<bias_filelist.length;++i)
                     biasII.images.push({ enabled:                      true,
                                                     path:                         bias_filelist.path,
                                                     drizzlePath:                  "",
                                                     localNormalizationDataPath:   ""});
                      console.writeln("added: "+bias_filelist.path+ "      to     "+ biasII.images.path);

How can you get a list of files and / or directories if you provide a path. I see how we can use OpenFileDialog to let people choose files but I want to just go through a list of directories and pull in the files from each directory to do basic calibration for on a nightly basis.  The observatory is completely automated and stories files, darks bias, flats in well defined folders.  it also stores lights in folder based on the target name.  I'm using the engine of the batch preprocessing script but want to just go through the list of files in directories we have taken that night and process. I don't see the commands that would be similar to the node fs functionality.


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