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General / Odd artifacts after integration
« on: 2019 February 10 19:26:20 »

I was processing 19 subs (5 min each with flats, darks, and bias frames) and after preprocessing, subframe selection, and integration was complete, my image has this wierd y shaped pattern that repeats itself all over the image.   I looked at each of the calibrated subs and this pattern is not present in any of them.

Do any of you have an inkling of where I went wrong here?



Gallery / Astrobin can plate solve my image but not PI - hints?
« on: 2019 January 12 09:52:34 »

I have an image of the Rosette nebula that astrobin was able to platesolve without problems, but PI won't for some reason.   I am not getting enough star pair matches.  Clearly I am doing something wrong here.  Have any of you experienced this with the plate solve system in PI?   I was hoping to apply some photmetric color calibration to my image.

One thing I did notice is that when I acquire the focal length and pixel size from the image they appear to be incorrect.   I am imaging at 510mm (Orion 80ED with 0.85 FR) and use a Canon 500D which has a pixel size of 4.7 microns from my understanding.   PI reports the focal length at 996 mm and a pixel size of 9.  I have tried it with PI's values and values I enter directly with the same result.

I have used the tool in PI to set the coordinates on NGC2244 and those look correct.

I am sure that I must be missing something simple here - any hints?


Gallery / First try with Rosette and PI - C&C welcome
« on: 2019 January 10 21:35:10 »

I got some clear nights last week and managed to get over 5 hours on Rosette.   I used darks, flats, and bias frames, all taken through an Orion 80ED with a modified Canon 300D with an Optolong CLS-CCD filter.   

I think my guiding was good enough and I am pleased overall with the data, but I am so new to PI that I am kind of hitting a wall on processing further.   Here is what I have done:

-   Batch preprocessed using calibration frames listed above.
-  I did a standard STF and applied it via HT
-   I did an iternation of DBE as there was a green cast around the edges.   Some of it is still there.

I did a few other "super stretch" efforts but I am confident those are probably a bit too much.

I have a couple of questions:

-   How can I bring out star colors?   Mine are all white, and I am sure that there must be some color in there somewhere.   I am not quite clear on the star mask method to get the colors out.
-   I would like to make the nebulosity pop a bit more but when I stretch I get other artifacts coming up.
-   I tried the color calibration tools but I am not sure I am getting the right colors here.

Any guidance is appreciated!

Here is a link to the image:



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