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Bug Reports / Swap file insufficient space error
« on: 2019 April 20 07:06:34 »
I've received errors associated with swap space that cause the program to not allow any further work.   This is the second time I've gotten the error.  After searching on the issue I've seen a couple of things that are probably going on.    1) that my C:/temp should be renamed to C:/ .   Although thought this might have been fixed long ago.  2)  This C drive has ~200G of space of NVMe drive available but likely only using 8Gb since I'm also using a bunch of folders in 8 GB of ram disk, giving me a total of only 16G.   It's the ramdisk that seems to be getting the error and I've read in some posts that it's the smallest swap space which defines the limit of all other spaces.   I have 32G of RAM and allocating 8G to the ramdisk.    Since I have super-fast NVMe, maybe it doesn't make sense to use the ramdisk and just stick with the C swap space.

That said, I'm still a bit surprised that the program faults rather than managing the space.     Maybe I'm doing something else wrong.    Some screen shots of the errors and my swap configuration.   This is a 64b windows 10 system.


General / Inconsistent zoom buttons
« on: 2019 March 15 08:51:58 »
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or don't have something setup correctly.  But I'm finding it a bit maddening to have the zoom buttons operate differently at different times.
What is zoom to fit, zoom to optimal fit, and fit view supposed to do?    I get inconsistent operation. 

My experience:
Zoom to optimal fit - gives  me most consistent operation, kind of a smallish window, not really useful for any detail but maybe good for fitting a whole bunch of windows on my screen.
Zoom to fit - I get inconsistent operation.  Sometimes I get a full window sized view of an image, and other times I get something that only is slightly larger than the zoom to optimal fit.   Why?
Fit view - Probably the most inconsistent operation, sometimes I get nothing (it doesn't do a thing) and other times it makes the image very large to where I have scroll bars on the image.   

It would be really useful to have a zoom button that maximizes the image to the available real estate (no scroll bars).    Am I doing something wrong or have a setting wrong?


Bug Reports / Image integration showing old results
« on: 2019 January 01 20:27:38 »
Multiple issues/bugs.

My first issue is with the integration process on a new set of data based on fixed flats to remove an un-fixable gradient (un-fixable in pixinsight DBE) in any reasonable amount of time or effort.    So after reprocessing all of my data, and running integration, I find the same integration result file based on old data..  It took the normal amount of time, so implied to me that it was running correctly.  I thought I must have picked up the wrong (old) files or something.  I checked all the files I used and even ran it twice.. same bad result file comes out with bad gradient, with input files of all correct gradients (or rather no gradient).   So how to heck do you fix this?    This is crazy if some internal files, or file pointers, stick around for days inside of your project file (I save no data files in my project file, only iconized processes) and show up as results to new input data.    I still have no idea how this is fixed?  I keep on getting the same result based on data from a few days ago, even though inputting different data!! 
Issue two, while pre-processing and using subframe selector, I couldn't get the graph to show... it was just a blank panel.  Nothing I did would fix it except logging out, and then not using my prior iconized process set up at all.  So I  had to start from scratch.     After getting it to work correctly I also noticed scoring on 2 items I would have thought only effected by stars, which didn't change in my subframes, have changed pretty significantly.    Would a gradient change in flats calibrating my lights effect eccentricity and Fwhm?   So multiple issues here (graph in subframe selector blank and changing results).

After playing with pixinsight, or struggling I should say, for a month or so while taking advantage of excellent tutorials (A. Block and Light Vortex), I'm beginning to feel like this is someone's partially finished science project and not a software package ready for primetime.    Documentation seems sparse and a bit cryptic (as is the interface in most cases).   I'm an engineer who likes astronomy and to take photos.  Software is a necessary evil, not something I want to be immersed in, nor do I want to be an expert in the science behind pixel processing.   Many I know feel the same.    I have been a long time user of photoshop and other software packages that I've used for my images but thought I'd give this a try since I'm going into mono imaging.    I don't know how long I'll stick it out with your software.    It's possibly too much of a chore to use.

General / Crashing
« on: 2018 November 29 05:52:19 »
I'm not sure if this is the right place or not, my first post, so please move if not.

I am experiencing instability and crashing of the latest version of the software.    I've had it lock up on me a couple of times recently, to where nothing other than cntl-alt-delete will bring my system back, and several times now (doesn't seem a fluke) it's caused a system restart either automatically or forced by me.   I'm not seeing this anywhere else right now.

On the crashing I was running DBE and could not get it to recognize keystrokes.. system was chirping at keystrokes.   I tried to see if any dialog was open but I couldn't do anything, couldn't move or minimize anything.    I couldn't get other programs to the front, basically the system was locked up.   

And now several times over the last 10 days, it's locked up while coming back from hibernation or I find a reset system (I come to a system which is clean and nothing running and loosing some work on a project).    I went into event viewer but really don't see what might be causing the issue.   For the most part I only have a browser open along with PixInsight.

Debug help?


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