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Hi everyone,

after trying several things in many long evenings I hope to get help here in this forum.

Here is my workflow (photos are taken with the Sony Alpha 7s on a 10" Meade SCT):

- master bias out of 50 bias frames

- bias-subtracted master dark out of 30 darks with same exposure as lights (10min)
   ->Image Calibration (applied master bias with checkbox "Calibrate" enabled)
   ->Image Integration

- bias-subtracted master flat out of 50 flats with a flat field box
   ->Image Calibration (applied master bias with checkbox "Calibrate" enabled)
   ->Image Integration

- Image Calibration of 30 10min exposures of M51 (applied master bias, master dark, master flat with checkbox "Calibrate" disabled)
  and then integrated with Image Integration to integration.xisf

(all Image Integration settings out of PixInsight tutorials)

- debayer of integration.xisf

- Dynamic Alignment (Star Alignment gave bad results, because guiding did not work properly)

--> At this point I share the link to my debayered and aligned xisf-files really hoping someone will bring these files to a nice picture of M51,
and can explain what I´m doing wrong.
--> Please, please, please  :embarassed: :embarassed: :embarassed:

What I did furthermore:
- Dynamic Crop, Screen Transfer Function, Background Neutralisation, Automatic Background Extraction, Colour Calibration, Histogram Transformation, HDR Multiscale Transform and Colour Transformation.
But here is my result attached:  :-[

Thanks in advance,

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