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Good evening to everybody
I am facing a strange issue since a couple of days: the photometric colour calibration process does not work anymore. It cannot detect stars in my images (and I can tell you there are!)
Wondering if this was not coming from a particular image, I took one which I processed successfully a few days ago: no way, it does not work!
Another one? No way!
A third one...
Taking my second PC gives me the same negative result again...
Downloading the very last updates did not improve anything.
One last information: I have the permanent licence, not the temporary one
If somebody already experienced this strange issue and found the problem, he would be more than welcome!

Off-topic / Dark halo around objects after DBEor ABE
« on: 2018 April 14 08:19:38 »
Good afternoon everyone

Although I am not a full beginner with Pixinsight, I am still fighting with it, sometimes. Hopefully, it gives great results most of tyhe time!

My current issue is the following:I sometimes get some dark halo around bright objects  (galaxies, stars) after applying DBE or ABE. Changing the settings does not really help and the only solution is to smoothen the histogram transformation in order to make the problem less visible.

Has anyone faced this problem already?

I attach an example (of course, I have exagerated the problem, to make it more visible...)

Thanks a lot!

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