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General / PCC error
« on: 2017 November 16 09:55:27 »
I try to do a PCC and i get the error:

Processing image C:/Users/i7-x64/AppData/Local/Temp/PCC_B_25F9W94WKDHJ.xisf

Reading image:
Loading image: w=4656 h=3520 n=1 Gray UInt16
20 FITS keyword(s) extracted.
Reference image: PCC_B_25F9W94WKDHJ
1 view(s)
362 star(s)
73 PSF fittings
Found 1 stars with invalid position
Reference stars: 73
Validating reference stars
Stars with problems: 1
Calculating image noise: sigma=56.590 count=1.97% layers=3
Multiscale median transform: done
Multiscale reconstruction: done
Normalizing sample values: done
Aperture Photometry:
  Aperture: 11.000000 px
  Image resolution: 1.305221 sec/px
Calculating photometry: Processed 73 stars in 0.054000 seconds
Astrometric error: RMSx=0.0727" RMSy=0.0446" RMS=0.0853"
Writing output file: C:/Users/i7-x64/AppData/Local/Temp/PCC_B_25F9W94WKDHJ.csv
Invalid out format
Writing table: C:/Users/i7-x64/AppData/Local/Temp/PCC_PSF_Flux.csv
Writing table: C:/Users/i7-x64/AppData/Local/Temp/PCC_Flux_Ap11.csv

Photometry process finished:
   3 of 3 images processed successfully.
   0 images with errors.

*** Error: Insufficient photometric data: Got 0 sample(s); at least 5 are required.
Reading swap files...
1546.147 MiB/s
<* failed *>

Can you help me please ?

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