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Bug Reports / maskgen script throws error on 1.8.8-2
« on: 2019 December 10 12:38:22 »
hi all,

maskgen script keeps erroring out on me after the latest PI update - see attached.

it worked great previously, but not i can't get it to even start

the image is already solved when I invoke the script. it seems like it's happened with the latest PI update 1.8.8-2

is it just me or anyone else?



hi folks

i sometimes run into this issue of "3D dust donut halos".

I believe they happen when my flats have somehow become offset to my lights .Assuming that's true, i'm thinking of using pixelmath to create a new flat that is X pixels offset from the original. Through trial and error i should be able to figure out the correct offset

One thing I'm not sure of within pixelmath is how to reference a different pixel than the current one?

roughly i want to say: this pixel value should be the pixel value of one that is +10x, +1y offset kind of thing

looking for any feedback or suggestions?

here's an example (please ignore the poor collimation of my scope, i'm first light on this)


I would love to see some examples of bi-color processing for HA and OIII for my finished data?

what recipe do you use to create a narrowband bi-color RGB image? My recipes never seem to look very good, i'm hoping to get some insights here.

These are registered and cropped .xisf masters of HA and OIII so they are ready to go (although i haven't done anything like linear fit, just registration)




Hello all,

I hope this is the right place to put this

i am posting an updated excel sheet that helps automate a lot of the tedious data calculations for determining things like fwhm min/max, eccentricity min/max, etc.

Now you can just load your images into SubframeSelector, Measure, export the data table, and with one button push you can get an expression complete with all your min/max values set properly

the excel sheet is definitely beta, but works great. please make sure to understand and follow the directions on the first sheet

let me know what you think, i hope you find it useful

it IS an excel macro, so you have to enable macros to get it working

It's based on the work of David Ault regarding using an expression for weighting subframes, and using a spreadsheet to more easily create the expression itself. I've just taken it one click further to automate a lot of the data viewing and entry

If you aren't familiar with this, you can read up on David's blog post here:



Hi everyone,

boy I've taken this about as far as I can, and I'm genuinely wondering if it's worth trying to image from the light polluted urban los angeles.  I'm talking ground zero bortle 9 here.

I've taken a stab here at M33 with LRGB and Ha. I haven't gotten to the HA part yet. It's about 1 hour in each channel, a bit more in L

The data is reasonably well calibrated (the flats are a little off here and there), they are drizzle enhanced, registered and cropped. I haven't done noise reduction. What's left is integration, background extraction, and beyond. I haven't tried to get past background extraction since i haven't been able to produce a reasonable result.

I could fiddle with background extraction some more, but honestly i just don't know if it's possible to pull off good quality deep space objects from where I am. It feels sooo close but i don't really get past this point. I just don't know if it's worth pursuing it or cutting my losses and images less frequently

Any input on this question would be really appreciated.

the calibrated, registered, drizzled, cropped frames are here:


General / Image Alignment tips for obstructions in frame?
« on: 2017 August 29 08:11:35 »
Hi all,

Does anyone have tips for successful Image alignment when there is a bit of land that is moving through the frame? it's a small part of the frame, but changing and present in all frames.

So far I've had good success, but the process seems to fail when it comes to terrestrial moving through the frame. I've attached an example.

If it should handle this, that's good to know too

Thanks for any suggestions


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