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General / Need new computer
« on: 2018 December 05 09:25:57 »
I just took the PI class by Warren and Ron in Seattle this week. Great Class BTW!  Out of class it became apparent i have some issues with current computer.   Im trying to pin down what computer to get. Im not an expert here but it was suggested I need 17" monitor, SSD, I7 quad core, 32GRam, not sure about video card....  Does anyone have some computer suggestions? I want to get a Laptop as have a remote shed and like do my processing inside house.   I saw this one.... 

Am I on right track or not?  This is a gaming computer so not sure...

Thanks for any guidance

General / A Batchpreprocessing issue...
« on: 2018 September 10 16:15:51 »
Im really new to this and have been Harrys flow for batch processing and have been trying to do some recalibration but keep getting a failure notice that states "ImageCalibration" cannot execute instance in the global context. Reason: No master calibration frames or overscan regions have been specified"

I don't have any masters and made sure the the Use mater bias, dark and flats are unchecked..But when i get failure notice I see that bias and darks are now checked.  Under global options I have selected ; Optimize Dark Frames, Generated Rejection maps, save process log, up-bottom FITS.

any help would be appreciated....probably something simple.  I have

Bias- 18 files
Darks- 18 files (1x1)
Lum- 8 files (1x1)
red 8 files (2x2)
Blue 7 files (2x2)- won't work as need one more
green 8 files (2x2)
HA 8 files (2x2)

Not sure if thats some of the issues or not so thought Id post.

Thanks...let me know if I need to communicate more

General / newbie question...Stray light?
« on: 2017 May 28 09:16:13 »
HI...Im just getting going here and vetting out my system.  I just want to understand what Im looking at.  I have a one shot color Sbig ST-200xcm camera.  Picture was taken in Portland area    360 seconds, 2x2 binning, auto dark.  Questions;
- After picture taken is using the screen transfer the best way to get a rough idea what the picture would look like preprocessed?(I know there is a lot of other steps and I haven't even added darks, bias etc)
-IF so, what am i looking at?  is this stray light?  I have no filter at this time

What is best solution?  I just want to make sure that its me and not the camera :tongue: 

I apologize for such a basic question but before I start building a library of pictures and time want to make sure at least its not camera and something else.  Thanks   Richard

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