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General / Background noise- Not sure where to go from here
« on: 2019 November 26 18:25:32 »
Hey all-

I'm very new to processing, and I've been following the Light Vortex tutorials.  I've so far done up to DBE, but I think I have some weird large scale noise and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it.  If anyone could suggest some tools to try next to deal with the background I would really appreciate it.  Again, I'm very new, learning as I go.  I'm not new to the hobby, just to processing.

Also, any thoughts on how to improve my data at acquisition time would be very helpful.  I image in a very light polluted area, so I'm taking 14 second images (TONS of them) with a CLS ccd filter, and then my plan is to use 60s narrowband images for colour.

Thanks for any suggestions!

The only way I could get a decent image with my current skill level is by using imgur, so here is the image and it looks pretty representative:


General / asi1600mm Bright Star Reflections
« on: 2018 October 22 20:34:53 »
Hey all, I'm curious if anyone has any idea how to process out these reflections from Alnitak...  I'm using an ASI1600mm pro cool and an 80mm refractor with a 300s exposure.

Maybe a synthetic flat?

Thanks very much for any thoughts about how to correct this, I have a fair bit of data with this problem.

General / Guide or Tutorial for how to evaluate subs?
« on: 2018 September 08 16:41:39 »
Hey all-

There's so much wonderful information on this site, it's like drinking from a fire hose!

I was wondering if anyone had a step-by-step tutorial/guide on how to evaluate subframes.  I would like to figure out what my optimal exposure is for my setup.  I have followed many of those tutorials and used the excellent tools in PI but the results were only semi-conclusive.  I would like to be able to measure my subs and actually understand what makes a good sub-  That would help me tune my exposure time, and help me understand what I should keep and what I should throw away.

I've used the excellent subframe selector script and the amazing new subframe selector process, but I still find I don't quite know what I'm actually looking for in a good sub.  I would like to be able to thoughtfully create my own formulae for rejecting/accepting frames, rather than blindly copying those that I see around this forum.

My approach to Astrophotography so far has been to take one problem at a time-  For example, getting my focus working well, getting tracking working well, getting flat frames properly exposed, and now I'm up to processing, since I think I have my mechanical bugs (mostly) worked out, and I'm trying to take it one step at a time.

Thanks very much!


General / Trouble with 3d Doughnut
« on: 2017 April 19 13:00:42 »
Hello everyone-

I'm new to Pixinsight but I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I've got a very strange problem with one of my classmate's images, however.  I have this odd 3d doughnut that I can't seem to process out.  I'm following Richard Bloch's amazing youtube tutorial.

This is the final processed image, , you can see the 3d doughnut in the upper left middle:

Here is the master flat with 13 flats, 7 darks, and 25 biases:

Here is one of the original frames:

Does anyone have an idea of how to process out the doughnut, or how I should alter my processing to deal with this?

This was taken by a classmate on our school's TEC 180.  All of his longer exposure images show this.  I have pixinsight so I'm trying to help figure out a way to deal with the doughnuts.  We can't touch the equipment to clean it.

thanks very much everyone-


Hey all, has anyone been able to install this on a mac?

I'veDone the following:

downloaded the software
copied the folder to my applications directory
launched the software
It pops up a window saying "You have 17 updates!"  (I am running Mac OS 1.9.5 so I downloaded the appropriate version:

So I apply the updates, it says "17 succeed, 0 failed"

Click on ok

Segmentation Violation, and the software crashes.  Sometimes it wrecks the license file, sometimes it doesn't.

So if I re-launch the application, then check for updates, and DO NOT INSTALL them, just click ok... 

Segmentation Violation.

If I don't touch the updates, and try using the software as is:

I select process, and Star Alignment
Select my reference frame
Load in all of my other frames
Select a new directory to save the results
Click the circle (ok)

The console appears to process several of the images, then the application just crashes.  No Segmentation violation this time, it just dies.

I've tried re-installing the software, I've tried using the version of software for Sierra...

I have seen some youtube videos, and WANT to like this software, but for the price it really shouldn't be this buggy and unstable.  Does anyone have any thoughts as to what could be wrong?



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