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I know that the GAME script is not officially supported.  I have a copy in the scripts folder.  I can add it  to the scripts menu, but after every restart it disappears from the menu and I have to add it again. Not a huge problem, but is this expected behavior for unofficial scripts at this point?  I think this changed in 1.8.6. 


Hello.  I want to transfer an image from one project to another and retain its full process history.  Is that possible?  If so, I don't know how and would appreciate some advice.


Gallery / M31 HaLRGB
« on: 2019 February 17 19:44:10 »
Data was gathered in 2017 but just reprocessed with the continuum map method of adding Ha.  Suggestions for improvement welcome. 
18 hours total

Is it considered best practice to carefully set the  reference image before running image integration?  This is a topic that does not get discussed much. 

Is it the case that the median of the stacked image will depend on the reference image?  I would think that other parameters like FWHM and ECC are a little more absolute based on the data. 

If you do choose the reference image manually, what do you think makes the best reference?

Thanks for any guidance

Bug Reports / Crashing since Mojave update
« on: 2019 February 13 12:21:50 »
I updated the computer to the latest version of Mojave, as recommended.  Unfortunately, I'm still having random crashes.  It does not seem tied to a particular process.  Report is attached.

Is this also a known issue?


Bug Reports / Crash Report
« on: 2019 February 09 16:00:07 »
Here is a crash report.  PI simply hard crashed.  First time this has happened in years.
Mac 10.13.6

General / ImageSolver not working...?
« on: 2018 June 24 18:12:07 »
I get the following error when trying to run either the ImageSolver script or PCC.  Is this a known error?  I've never seen it before....

*** Error [001]: /Applications/PixInsight/src/scripts/AdP/ImageSolver.js, line 276: ReferenceError: Gaia_Catalog is not defined

Any help?

Gallery / M31 LRGB 19hrs - PCC and ArcsinhStretch
« on: 2017 October 16 20:57:08 »
Continuing the processing of my big M31 project, which  was very unfortunately taken while I was still having some flatness issues.  It affects some of the outside stars if you look (don't look). 
L : 72x300 + 120x30
RGB : 24x600 each
MyT, SV80ST, QSI 683wsg-8
Luckily, I was just about to start this when ArcsinhStretch was released.  It is very easy to use - I like it already.  I compared it to Masked Stretch and Hist.Trans and it clearly provides much better color information.  Color in this image was not touched except for a very, very light curves saturation to the whole image; otherwise, it is exactly what the (also new) PCC tool and ArcsinhStretch produced.  It begs the question -  is is just bringing out color to a more natural extent than the others are able to or is it saturating things beyond what is 'really' there?  I'm not sure, but the results are nice either way.  Please enjoy and I'll take any and all suggestions for improvement or rework.  Of course, the full version, linked below, is much nicer (as always)

Thanks for looking

Gallery / StarAlignment vs FFTRegistration?
« on: 2017 September 18 12:15:54 »
Can someone please discuss why we might want to use one over the other to register images? 

Thank you!

Gallery / HOO Crescent in an SHO field
« on: 2017 September 08 21:54:07 »
I wanted an SHO image of the Crescent area, but I like how an HOO rendering gives much better contrast between the Ha 'ribs' and the O3 shell. After combining in SHO, I masked off the Crescent and changed it to HOO, then applied a custom SHO blend to the whole image, which served to blend the SHO and HOO areas, and proceeded with a normal workflow from there. I'm sure there are many revisions to come, but for now I like the achieved result.  It might be a little blue, other versions have been more green...   Criticism and areas to improve are welcome.  The new LN process was used, which really helped my less than perfect data. 

Capture:  SV80ST, QSI683wsg-8, Paramount MyT
40x900s each S, H, O (30hours total)
Larger version:


General / PCC calibrates SHO, but not HOO..?
« on: 2017 August 04 08:18:13 »
I'm trying to figure this out:  the new PCC process will calibrate an SHO image just fine, but fails on the HOO image of the same data.  I keep getting "insufficient photometric data, need 5 image, got 0".  I've tried decreasing the sensitivity but that doesn't seem to help.   It does solve the image and then goes through the steps of the process, but fails at the end.  It tell me that '3 of 3 images processed successfully with 0 images with errors'.  The results with the SHO image are so, so nice that I want to see what it does with HOO. 

Any ideas?

General / Mixed SHO/HOO image - need help from the masters
« on: 2017 August 03 08:07:58 »
I just finished collected the attached data for the Crescent and related nebula.  The image is a straight SHO combine with no processing at all other than color calibration and stretching.  I really like the data and the rich nebula field, and plan to process that properly in SHO, but I also really like the look of an HOO crescent to better bring out the Ha 'skeleton' and O3 'bubble wrap'. 

I would love some advice on how to best create an image where the nebula is SHO and the crescent itself is HOO.  Any and all ideas and advice will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

General / PI takes minutes to quit on Mac
« on: 2017 July 08 07:03:48 »
This came up in a workshop I went to a little while ago.  Most Mac users there had noticed that PI can take multiple minutes to quit.  The application seems to quit, but the little dot in the Dock stays active for quite a while, then eventually quits entirely. 

I can only assume this has come up before?   Is this a known issue or is there a fix?


Gallery / NGC 7822 / Ced 214
« on: 2017 July 01 06:51:42 »
This image represented my first ever start to finish SHO image captured from my backyard.  I'm very happy to finally be at this point.

I know many people prefer a less colorful interpretation of the SHO palette, but I like these colors to better differentiate the filter lines. 

Larger one

QSI 683wsg-8

Comments and constructive criticism appreciated.

General / Readout mode default
« on: 2017 June 30 16:02:17 »
I can't seem to get back to the default settings in Readout mode (I don't know what they are).  Currently, my K values for bright stars are in the .00xx range and background is just zero.  I want to get back to a setting where the K value is consistent with Noise Threshold setting in Star Mask, for instance. 

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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