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Astropy has a fitsheader tool to read fits file and find a specific FITSKeyword. Is there a similar tool for XISF?

My specific need is to rummage through the "Approved" files from SubframeSelector and find the highest weighted file.

General / SubFrameSelector, deselected files and remeasuring
« on: 2018 February 11 12:31:21 »
With SubFrameSelector (SFS), once you've deselected or eliminated some of the files/subs. When is it necessary to remeasure the remaining subset?

Any best practices? Only after a certain magnitude of sigma error is removed? Certain number of subs? Not necessary as SFS automatically recalculates!

I have no connection to Code Obsession except as a user.

Observatory is "Adobe Lightroom" for astrophotos. The latest version supports XISF images!

General / Subframe Selector
« on: 2016 August 16 09:58:24 »
Any particular reason the Subframe Selector Script should not run against ALL the calibrated images at once?

I've seen most tutorials and other examples run the script against each filter set. It would seem that more data will give you tighter estimates for your good data and make the outliers even more obvious.

General / Star Alignment once for LRGB?
« on: 2016 July 04 13:05:16 »
Seems most workflow descriptions have Star Alignment done as an independent step for each filter before image integration and then again with the filter masters before final image combination.

Is there a reason not to Star Align all the files at once so every filter set is done together as one step before moving through the rest of the workflow? Seems like it saves the second round of Star Align once the filter masters are created.

      file-path                     hst_05962_01_wfpc2_f814w_wf_drz.fits
      file-format                    FITS

When I open this file, I get three image files with the root name and "CTX" "WHT" and "SCI" appended.

Any idea what the initials stand for? Google searching didn't help.

Wish List / Subframe Selector script Min/Max Variables
« on: 2016 April 08 04:58:46 »
Not enough of a programmer to add this to the script myself.

Would be nice for my weighting function if there were variables available that defined Min/Max values for Eccentricity, FWHM, Noise etc.

General / Width of File Open Dialog Boxes
« on: 2016 February 20 04:57:09 »
My image file names are quite long. Is there a way to set a default "wide" view to the file open box (on OS X if it matters)?

General / Opening DNG files
« on: 2015 March 28 14:09:03 »
New to PixInsight. I don't see DNG as a supported file format. Am I missing something or is DNG not supported. If it's not supported, are there any plans to support it?

I prefer DNG as it can detect corrupted files.

No too late to change.

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