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General / Process Explorer Interface
« on: 2017 September 02 01:56:33 »
My 'Process Explorer' used to pop out from the right hand side of my screen with all of my 'Favourites' expanded and ready to go.  Since one of the recent updates, I now get 'Recently Used' and 'Most Used' expanded and 'Favourites' non-expanded.  I preferred it the old way.  Is there any way of getting that back?

I am imaging at 3.2" per pixel resolution (a Williams Optics Star 71 and a Moravian G2-8300 camera).  I have no issues as far as I can see with tracking/guiding.  My individual stacks are good.  However, when I combine RGB I often get litle black 'blocks' at the edges of stars.  Only certain size stars seem affected.  I've shown these to some folks.  Someone thought it might be aliasing.  I also remember somebody once saying something about 'clamping' but for the life of me I cannot find any reference to that.  In any event, any thoughts on how to eliminate this issue?

General / Everything Is Very Red!
« on: 2015 February 25 08:13:55 »
I have recently purchased my PixInsight licence.  I'm pleased with the program, but I don't know if I have it set up correctly.  I use an astro-modded Canon EOS 600D.  When I load my stacked images into PixInsight and use the Screen Transfer Function everything is very red (and I mean very red).   I can get rid of this with DBE, but have found that the best way is to split the image into R, G & B channels, then use Linear Fit and then LRGB combination.  It seems odd that I should have to do this.  And it does of course add time to the processing.  I am becoming increasingly convinced that I have something set incorrectly.

I have attached a reduced version of an image to show what I mean.

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