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General / scripts AnnotateImage
« on: 2017 April 15 04:42:14 »
Where i can find this script? scripts AnnotateImage like in first image.
I have find only simple Annotation in secont image


General / Super Bias
« on: 2016 October 22 07:43:46 »
I want to make an superbias master, from 200 bias cr2 (raw) and Camera is Canon 1000 DSLR.
The problem is that, PixInsight open cr2 raw file unrotated, and i must to rotate all.
Pi can't write cr2 extension, and i must to give extension xisf and is ok. But this modification don't alterate image information?
If i rotate all image with xisf extension, then image integration, then i made superbias file, and in final image,  file is demage image.
I must to debayer? In Pix with preprocesing i can made an superbias file from masterbias. But is gry, and when i made with image integration an superbias file is color.

Please advice me, how i can made an good superbias. I have made superbias like in imageintegration image example.
Please escuse my bad English.


General / Blink
« on: 2016 February 08 05:45:32 »

Error time in trying to make the 55 frames, a film Comet Catalina.
The images were processed and transferred individually in jpg.
The error was given with raw images.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Gallery / DSO
« on: 2015 November 30 05:40:06 »
NGC 884 - 869.

Light 37 X 300 sec ISO 800, Dark, 40, Flat 40, Bias 44, Newton AT8IN 200/800 F/4, Canon 1000 moded, filter UHC-E, guiding AT8IN TSOAGT2 with Lodestar, Mount CGEM.

PixInsight 1.8.4 1193

Image Processing Challenges / Cosmetic corection
« on: 2015 February 11 01:41:34 »

I have a Canon changed and the processing of catches can not eliminate hot and cold pixel pixel.
I checked the box to correctional cosmetic , but can not find how to do to eliminate hot and cold pixel. Can someone help me .
Thank you for your help.

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