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General / Need help with my Pixel Math mask pleaseeee
« on: 2015 February 21 01:12:02 »
Hi guys im having real trouble getting a useable mask from my L & star mask to create a mask from pixel math that protects my stars and background, if any one can shed any light on to why i am getting a horrible combined mask from pixel math that would be brilliant, thank you kindly

here is a screen shot (top left stack im working on, top right - star mask - bottom right Lum mask)
pixel math by tingting44, on Flickr

and here is the result from pixel math. i type into pixel math under the RGB/k...........    L_mask - star_mask then drag pixel math onto my Lum mask which gives me this :(
pixel math mask from L & Star mask by tingting44, on Flickr

which is just horrid and i do not know why

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