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Wish List / deleting files
« on: 2018 December 08 16:47:21 »
In 'frame select' in any of the pre-processing modules, to be able to delete files when you are choosing them to be processed. As it a pain if you accidentally delete, at the moment the program freezes and it has to be shut down and opened again.

General / What the **** is happening here?
« on: 2018 December 08 16:08:55 »
Used my normal pre-processing and this is what came out at the other end. This has happened to all the stars except 4 of the brightest. With those stars I think the + and -0 are lost in the background brightness.

General / is there away to do this?
« on: 2018 December 06 14:30:28 »
First of all let me state that I'm a novice user. I've just taken two series of M42 one at only 15 sec and the second at 120 sec the first captures the central stars and the second all the rest of it. The question is how can I remove the blown out area in the second set and import the central section from the first set?

General / Color is evading me
« on: 2018 October 08 13:01:02 »

NGC253 taken 6/10/18 in bortel 4. Can't seem to bring out the star forming regions, and the focus is a little off. This was the first time I'd imaged this galaxy. Any ideas would be helpful.

Gallery / Moon 25th May
« on: 2018 August 19 16:45:59 »
Finally got round to processing the data collected on 25th may. Taken with Canon D1100 @ 1/1000 210 usable images stacked with Autostackker then processed with Pixinsight. Equipment:- 250mm f4 skywatcher, neq6 mount.
I know this is a trivial image but it's the first one I have had the courage to post here!

Wish List / Australia
« on: 2018 May 27 16:55:25 »
Are there any plans for a workshop down here?

Gallery / oh hum another M42
« on: 2018 February 23 18:37:33 »
This is the first image I've had the guts to post in this forum.

8" reflector
D1100 canon unmoded
20 exp @ 60sec

General / Debayering is driving me mad
« on: 2018 February 21 18:41:30 »
The pictures I took the other night are OK until I Debayer them, then I get a bright turquoise image and what ever I do to it it stays a solid color. There is plenty of data on the original.
The first image is straight Debayered, second SNCR green applied, Third SNCR blue applied. SNCR red makes no difference   

General / New RAW module HELP
« on: 2018 February 11 21:22:41 »
I downloaded this new module yesterday. It ran with no problems, then today opened up Pixinsight and couldn't process any raw frames. Looking in format explorer there was no RAW file selection, so the programme didn't recognize the RAW frames. Where have they gone? And how do I get them back? Will I have to uninstall p/i and re-install it?

General / What's going on?
« on: 2017 December 19 22:18:16 »
The last set of data I Pre-processed ended up a complete mess. I've pre-processed and pre-processed and this is what I've come up with. The first one shows how it turns out with 5 processes (debayer, cosmetic correction, image calibration, star alignment and image integration in that order)  in the default mode the other one shows the best I can get!! Never had this trouble before the camera and scope have not been changed, would be grateful if anyone has any ideas  to what has happened.

Gallery / What camera control software?
« on: 2016 August 27 16:23:57 »
What camera control software do you use, at the moment I'm using APT but I have now got a Zwo camera and was wondering if there's something better to use with a dedicated astro camera?

General / up dates?
« on: 2016 February 14 14:16:04 »
My processing computer doesn't go on line at all. I've PI installed on the 'net' computer. So the question is how can I get up dates on to my processing unit?

General / help again
« on: 2015 December 29 18:05:56 »
This as got me very confused. I use a canon camera and the files are cr2. The pictures from last night open in PI only in grey scale. On the sd card they are in rgb, any that have been saved as raw and jpeg, the jpeg file opens in colour but not the corresponding cr2. I've transferred them directly form the camera, and on to a memory stick then open them from there, also on to a portable H/D and opened them from there. All the same result grey scale, and the jpeg are still in colour. HELP PLEASE

General / Geometry
« on: 2015 December 15 13:35:55 »
This has been happening lately even though my camera is always in the same alignment on the scope. Some of the picture, in a given exposure sequence are 'landscape' and an occasional one is in portrait, that's not the problem though. When I come to process them I'll get a failure because of the geometry, ok I'll then find the offending pictures and rotate them to landscape. This means that I have to do each one individually and this can take a long time if 30 or 40 exposures need to be done.  Finally here is the question, is there a process that can rotate and save them in a block? BTW I'm quite new to PI.

Wish List / Spliting the general forum
« on: 2015 October 06 15:32:00 »
Just a thought, what about splitting the general forum into two sections; newbies and advanced? Being a newbie myself at the moment I'm only interested in simple questions and answers. When I read in the more complex question they scares the ******* out of me. Leaving me thinking 'I don't even understand the question leave alone the answer'. I'm sure that in time I'll want the more esoteric questions and answers, but at the moment  in my learning curve, no. 

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